Orchid Stage Night alt


It looks really cool.

yes photoshop. :+1:

It feels like a haunted house, in a good way. Looks like Mira gets a stage after all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Really good and very neat too :slight_smile: :grin:

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I wonder how hard it would be to get day/night alts…

Can’t be that hard, right?


Yeah, I wouldn’t think so. Probably more of a challenge to get it in the workflow than to actually do the work. Although they would probably need to relight the characters if they changed the lighting configuration in the stage. For example, in the daylight version the exterior of Orchids stage is the light source and in the night version it would be reversed. So probably more involved than it seems at first blush. Then of course they would have to change the UI to allow you to select the alternate stage versions, which might be challenging.

It’s probably still quite a workload, but I do really like the idea of having alternative versions of stages. It would be less work than making a completely new stage at least, since it would reuse the existing assets.

Also keep in mind changing the lighting on the characters for each manipulated stage- glow / glare / shadow effects

I WISH. Imagine if they added rave lights to go with it.

Yes. Orchid has some disco vibe so any clubbing accessorie would fit. Also if they put arcades in the place of the screens it could be a rash stage.

I can see the threads/posts now. “Why does Orchid get 2 stages when “x” character doesn’t have one”.


Don’t get me wrong, the pic does look good, I just am picturing all the complaining if she got another stage.