Orchid Season 3 Rebalance Discussion

Just continuing the trend of the other Subforums. Use this thread to discuss her changes.



[-] You can no longer call Instinct Cats during Enders.
[-] You can now only cancel Shadow Uppercat into Air Throw if your opponent is in an air reaction state, preventing you from skipping the landing recovery of a whiffed or blocked Shadow Uppercat by whiffing an Air Throw attempt.
[-] Ender damage adjustments.
-Ich Ni San Ender damage greatly reduced (by ~35%), now does less than her Splat ender.
-Knee Buster Ender damage reduced by ~5%
-Shadow Uppercat Ender damage reduced by ~10% (because you can juggle after it)
[+] Flick Flack Ender now causes a hard knockdown if you don’t juggle off of it.
[+] Shadow Knee Slide is now -2 on block (was -6).
[+] Air throw deals less KV for enhanced juggle opportunities.
[+] When hitting an airborne opponent, Crouching HP re-launches and can be jump cancelled for increased juggle opportunities.
[+] New air target combos for increased juggle opportunities.
-LK > J.HP
-MP > J.HK
[+] The final hit of Flick Flack and Shadow Flick Flack will now ground bounce an airborne opponent for increased juggle opportunities.
[+] The final hit of Medium Ichi Ni San 3rd with now ground bounce an airborne opponent for increased juggle opportunities.
[+] Some normal attack hitboxes improved to help when juggling opponents.
[+] Standing Far HK knocks opponents vertically instead of away in a juggle.
[+] Air Throw starts up 2 frames earlier and is active 2 frames longer. Attack box size increased making it easier to do in combos and more powerful in neutral.
[+] Fully charged Shadow Ichi Ni San is now unblockable. Damage reduced ~20%
[+] New Ability: Buster Slide! Orchid can now cancel the active frames of Knee Slide into a Knee Buster if the move has not hit yet.
[+] New Ability: Ichi Nise! Orchid can now Dash Cancel forward while charging up Heavy Ichi Ni San 3rd.

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Don’t really like the drops in damage that’s what made her viable but I would have to play her to get a feel for the “mixups”.

Wait, if I blockade slide my oponent blocks low and he can punish… But if I now air-buster they can stay low and avoid my buster and juggle me… Doesn’t sound cool to me. Again I would have too see how this works out.

Im not an orchid player, but when i saw this move, i also thought it was pretty useless.

After thinking about it for a bit, it seems like the move is more of a “mobility” tool that adds a little more advantage to the slides “low profile” property. It is absolutely NOT a move to be use all the time, but will help high level players develop better counter strategies against certain matchups.

It also adds to the mind games a lot. Now when an Orchid player does fake slides in footsies, there is always the option to use the knee to counter hit poke attempts (from glacius mainly).

One situation i can think of right now is this:
Step 1: Hit a Jago player with a few slide openers.
Step 2: Jago begins to use his wind kick to “low crush” the slides.
Step 3: Orchid now will slide in; BAITING for the wind kick. Then she uses the knee to get a counter hit.

^ won’t work due to the priority system, the DP and wind kick would trade. Also you couldn’t have the slide blocked and then cancel into DP

This will be useful to gain a bit more range on the DP for an anti air or if the opponent tries to jump to avoid the slide and then punish. It is similar to what Fulgore can do with blade dash > DP.

I’m going to hold my judgement until I use her for myself.

The slide->buster is more about punishing attempts to neutral jump over her slide. Orchid gets blown up kind of hard over neutral jumps, and this seems to be a way to help her deal with that.

I really like the Buster Slide. I use the slide alot as a starter (predictable, I know), so having a tool to punish those who jump away from it is awesome, imo!

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Imo slide buster is going to troll the floaty characters hard. At least fulgore has to spend a pip to do it.

I guess I try not to be ungrateful, so when I saw the slide buster I didn’t know what to think, but Keits brought her grenade, Which was heaven, so I can’t wait to try it!

Makes me think of her Fake Tonfa from KI2. That was an amazing fake out!

I mourn the extra firecat call removal …:frowning:

Everyones sitting around here talking about slide buster, when her most noticable changes was the -2 on Shadow Cat & ability to cancel Ichi Ni San.

I’m pretty pissed about them disabling fire cat during ultra; not much you can do for stylish ultras anymore.

Also Ichi Ni San Low and High animations seem to have changed to make them slower and broadcast the direction to the point of being totally not worth the risk unless your opponent doesn’t have shadow and you do (shadow cat cancel to make it safe).

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I agree but to their reasoning it was mainly because you can juggle after the intended instinct trait - ultras definitely used to be more stylish with a cat after ender but oh well Orchid was muted from jump.

Her ichi ni San pressure and Lasaken loss ushered in a sad era or the once former queen. Now she’s just a crazy bald ----- with powers money and horrible fashion sense

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Ya, just did a couple of rounds with her… I was getting blocked on every ichi ni san mix-up, then I noticed the animation… at this point I might as well tell the other guy what the mix-up will be lol

Loving the changes to Orchid. I’m jealous we didn’t get a Flip Out move like wulf, thunder and jago though. Having lots of fun thou.