Orchid`s granade ultrasonic sound stereo reversed?

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Hey Guys! Can you check this one for me - I always felt this is weird but when Orchid throwing grade the high pitched sound comes not from grenade`s side but from opposite.
Like - player one side, grenade goes right, sound beeps at left.
Would it be more realistic if this would be fixed? :thinking:


grenade sound coming from the left when player 1 throws a grenade is for the QoL Ease of Access Feature/concession. Blind people have to use the stereo sound as indicators of what side they are on and having a sound come from the side opposite of the one there are currently blocking and the one they are suppose to block would likely be disorienting/convey the wrong message since every other attack on that channel is blocked one way except the nade.*

*I am no expert on playing Blind KI or what goes into making game handicap people friendly so this all kinda speculation based on how I think blind people play FGs. Maybe @SightlessKombat can chime in to give a first hand explanation?


Sounds reasonable, but when player one is on right side the granade sound comes from right :frowning:
If this handicap players related maybe this could be triggered in options - to enable “realistic” stereo effects?