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*Kind of a huge Orchid fan here and always have been. i was a little sad with the purely military Orchid back story that seemed to take away her brain, agility and added a gun and come carrie powers.

Dont get me wrong i didnt hate it but i liked the fact Orchid was undercover at ultra tech it gave her most scope as to what she may have had access too!*

Any way please read my back story bellow! its hugely long but id added some images as we go to set some moods id kinda with MS would do this with theirs.

We all love this girl and we all have our ideas who or what we would like her to be. Im happy to hear everyone :grinning: remember im not a writer just a fan with some passion and a love for SCIFI

*so here goes :blush: *


Orchid and Jago were born of science to Ultra techs competitors scientists Jacob And Lilly. The scientist worked together as a duo and were also a loving couple they were well renowned at Data Dyne for their genetic research and breakthroughs.

Their work had become their lives, literally. Lilly and Jacobs had decided to use their own DNA with that of the newly found strands to produce a child. Lilly decided that due to the sensitivity of this experiment that she would carry the child for monitoring purposes.

Months pass and not without problems or complications. However Twins were born. Non identical looking twins, both with the same staggeringly different DNA that seemed to be ancient and inhuman in origin. The twins both looked dramatically different from one and another but generically they were almost identical.

After raising the children for 3 years Jacob and Lilly became more focused on their lives as parents. They loved the life of parent hood and the twins were more than enough to drag them away from work. For the first time in their whole lives science didn’t consume their whole life. Jacob and LIlly started to resent their commitment to Data Dyne. All the prodding poking and monitoring seemed to get in the way of their time as a family. Data Dynes intrusion wasn’t too intrusive but it was clear the children were still their priority.

High level breaches at Data Dyne security seems to be happening more often. Competition in the market had become aggressive and spying had become a necessity to stay ahead. This hack however went above basic level programs and experiments. A relentless AI virus seemed to have been able to access high level and sensitive information if only for a few nano seconds.

Ultra Tech knew what Data Dyne were working on and it took a matter of days until the family were being monitored everywhere they went.

Tragically ARIA protocol deemed the twins too dangerous an asset not to own and they were ordered to be covertly exterminated. Lucky Jacob (skilled in cybernetics) created two AI robots to tend to each child their names HelixAlpha and Beta. They were designed to monitor their progression and growth physically and mentally over their younger years and they would become the children’s saviour.

These AI were both programmed to make sure the children were safe at all times and in event of extreme danger they were programmed to take the children to safe and remote locations only known to Jacob and Lilly.

After a few days Ultra Techs extermination plan was in place and it was a brutal one. It was carried out with cutting edge precision. Nothing was left, no scrap of DNA the whole estate where they lived was sterilised without prejudice.

Luckily the AI midwives had time to escape with the children in the chaos. Knowing that they would be killed LIlly and Jacob said goodbye to their most amazing accomplishments and used everything they had to distract the soldiers away from the children’s departure.

Jago managed to get out of the US. HelixAlpha as programmed took him to the Himalayan temple known as the Tiger Kingdom. Jacob had known the people their to be kind and spiritual. He made many friends when on his travels as a young person stumbling on the temple by accident. He knew these monks would never turn away such a gift and bring his boy up safely away from Ultra Techs grasp.

After a long and fraught journey Helix Alpha delivered the boy to the gates of the temple. Kneeling down on the floor holding the baby in its hands above her head it was clear her job was done. Dismantling herself so nothing could be traced she held the child until he was taken by the elders.

Orchids transition however was more complex. Hot on the tail of the AI Helix Beta it had become too risky to try and get Orchid out of the US. shifting her protocol to plan B the Ai turned to survival. Seeking shelter, food and warmth. The Ai kept Orchid safe till the age of 7 but in order to do so Orchid had to grow up fast. The AI taught her how to survive. Stealing, hiding, sneaking the pair worked together to make ends meat.

Helix Beta also continued with Orchids development teaching her science and math in the most efficient ways. Orchid even though young was extremely intelligent. By the time she was 6 she was well beyond normal development. It was clear that Orchid was special.

Beta was determined. Her primary objective was to keep Orchid safe. Unfortunately without Jacobs robotics Betas life was dwindling.

Orchids only friend deceased when she was 7 running her gears and power storage to a broken heap Beta could go no longer. Her parting gift was background knowledge on her parents and Ultra Tech. The information lacked detail but gave her the drive she needed to find who she was!

Blurry memories of her parents and a bother marred her mind. They felt real but what happened to them? Did they exist or was it wishful thinking?

Living in the shadows of Ultra Tech Orchid grew tough. She saw the extreme wealth but she felt the extreme poverty it created. Over the next few years Orchid banded together with other people wronged by Ultra Tech. They called themselves the Disenvaoled.

Obsessing about Ultra Tech and their violence towards many of the people she would now call friends made orchid seek vengeance more with every day and every new wronged person she met.

Growing up in an urban environment from a young age Orchid learnt to put her science and technical ability as a mechanic to use, Becoming an asset to the people around her. In return she learnt how to shoot how to run and how to fight. Her anger was futile compare to her resolve, cool, calm and collected with a razor sharp fury backed with the most terrifying intelligence made Orchid very different from other Disenvaoled recruits. It was clear Orchid could see past the end of her gun and past her target to ALL targets even with a single bullet.

At the age of 17 Orchid got a job at Ultra tech, Orchid was young and beautiful she had learnt how to play and manipulate people. Orchid knew what she had to do to survive even if that meant survival inside one of the world’s toughest corporate companies. Quickly working her way up and becoming a top level employee at the age of 23, it was her involvement in the Killer Instinct tournament that gave her the exposer within the company she needed to excel to higher divisions.

Orchid would tactically set up the torments to aid her progression in the company or to focus the strongest fighters or the fighters with the right skill set against Ultra Tech test weapons. This would often result in test weaponry getting canceled or having the funding dropped for them removing the threat before it could develop.

Eagle was her greatest achievement in this regard. Pitting his journey thought the tournament he managed to defeat a PRE Fulgore model to win the tournament. This sent Ultra Techs stocks into free fall.

However everything had not gone to plan, Orchids involvement in Eagles progression ended in his torture and death bringing her to question: was she as bad as Ultra Tech? Would she risk everything and everyone to get answers or to eradicate their most dangerous weapons?

The PRE fulgore program was deemed a failure and the early models were removed from security within the company. This allowed Orchid to syphon off technology from ultra tech and re supply it to her growing resistance.

Being a gifted technician and scientist allowed orchid to turn her hand to almost anything creating weapons and tech that would play the counter card to projects ultra tech were working on. Each individual weapon she created had a purpose in taking down a certain type of Ultra Tech infantry or security.

Orchids skill didn’t go unnoticed at Ultra Tech either and she was also granted access to ultra techs top grade weapons labs to work on upgrades to their failing weapons arms. It was at this time where Orchid was able to include bugs and fail safes into many of ultra techs weapons. It was also at this point where she came face to face with the Fulgore program.

Orchid witnessed many awful things at this level within the company. Experiments on innocence and counter competitor violence that stabbed deep into orchids own heart. Even though the anger inside her made her want to strangle her way though the company she knew that killing ceos, mad scientists and executives would be just that. Ultra tech was a financial force, a life style of extreme wealth to many, and those many wouldn’t give it up so easy.

Fighting a corporation with her hands would just turn to bloodshed no matter how many ceos died the company would go on because of greed and corruption.

Orchid knew that the only way to bring down Ultra tech was to hit its share holders. To expose the company publicly and to dent ultra techs reputation, bring an end to the constant funding from investors. Bankrupt Ultra Tech to the point of no return.

Over the years Orchids resistance had grown extensive. Silently waiting in the shadows the gorilla army poised to attack at the moment when Ultra Tech was at its weakest. The Disavowed became world wide. Orchids ability to look into all of Ultra Techs global operations gave her endless data on failed experiments and wronged people across the globe. Her ability to save these people or improve their lives won her many admirers many of witch would die for the woman they knew as Black Orchid.

As the next Killer Instinct tournament approached Orchid once again assembled the contestants. Knowing that Fulgore MK2 would be demoed at this years event Orchid felt nothing but self hate for what she saw as: leading these fighters to their death.

The Fulgore program had become terrifyingly efficient and with it so had the investments from global backers. Time was running out. Ultra Tech were growing and their experiments were becoming more consistent and terrifying.

Matching each contestant and analysing streams of data on them orchid planed to do the same as the last tournament. Make Fulgore fail, bankrupt ultra tech and then attack hard and fast with damaging inside information that could not be ignored. A full on physical and cyber attack.

But this was not going to be an easy task. Something was different about Fulgore something that orchid had seen before. Fulgore MK2 seemed almost human and the way he looked at her disturbed her. His eyes seemed to burned though her as if he hated her but how could a robot hate?

Looking into the contestants orchid found one contestant that interested her greatly. A Tibetan monk from a clan long since forgotten. A man who seems to wield pure strength and power without the use of technology.

A strong well mastered individual that showed promise in defeating Ultra Techs new war machines. His name was Jago.

In awe of Jago orchid became obsessed with what she felt was the coming of her resistance. Could this man pure of technology do enough damage to ultra techs reputation to give her the moment she has waited for?

Delving deeper into Jagos stats and profile Orchid noticed one this. Jagos blood type was like no other recorded. Curious to what this meant Orchid become obsessed with finding out more. She delved within ultra techs deepest archives.

The blood type was reference but the DNA Sequence wasn’t completely mapped. The file was a hunt to kill memorandum highlighting twins, a boy and a girl born of mixture of human and inhuman ancient DNA. The file was stamped stamped Śaitānakō Ragata.

Taken back by the information Orchid guard dropped, similarities from her past seemed extremely strong and it for the first time phased her. But how? How could Jago be her brother. A Tibetan asian man yet she was a mixed caucasian woman? The only way to put her mind at rest was to take a blood and DNA test.

Heading down to the labs Orchid started ultra techs finest genetic mapping machine. This machine was so sophisticated that it could look inside DNA its self and study learnt traits from thousands of years of evolution.

Results were conclusive Her DNA and blood type matched to Jagos almost identically.

Stepping out of the machine Sirens started to sound the room locked down. ARIA protocol initiated on all screens around her, Orchid needed to escape and fast. Her cover some how blown as if her genetic mapping or historical genetic traits had been mapped into the deepest ultra tech system.

Escaping unscathed mainly due to fail safes she had hidden into many of the security codes Orchids point of no return had come. This lapses of security had cost her dearly.

Over the course of the next few months the Disavowed tried many cyber smear campaigns against Ultra Tech only to have them swiped as paranoid or ridiculous. Ultra Tech however calmly on the surface fought back viciously. Losses were heavy and many of the Disavowed who had become like family to Orchid died in the covert gorilla warfare between Ultra Tech and the resistance.

Orchid realised the only way she would be able to publicly shame Ultra Tech with anniminity and the safely of world wide exposure was to enter the Killer instinct tournament herself.

On this world wide public stage Orchid would be free of percussion or assassination attempts she would also have a platform to launch all of the murderous and inhuman evidence against Ultra Tech on.

Her life was on the front line but it was her only hope of bringing Ultra Tech to justice. Orchids training become extensive. Her many generals taught her how to use her brain and extreme intelligence with her natural agility to produce a powerful fighting style. This coupled with her aggression and passion for justice made Orchid and unstoppable force.

Arming her with counter weaponry designed to combat all Ultra Tech infantry and stolen form Ultra Techs labs, Orchids laserkens became her trademark. The tiger had become her companion with the ability to mould plasma into its form filled her with confidence. A shared symbol that she had noticed adorning her bother, a symbol of her past and a reminder of what was at stake orchids technology seemed to know no limits.

The Killer instinct tournament took place. Orchid grew and grew her ability noticeably super human in qualities, she could run faster, hit harder, heal faster and her tactical ability was second to none.

Coming face to face with her brother in the tournament the battle was fierce. unable to use the same aggression towards Jago it was clear that Orchid was pulling her punches.

Thinking of the Disavowed Orchid began to fight harder knowing that if she lost her chance to get justice from them all would be gone! The battle escalated both fighters escalating in skill until Jago snapped.

His eyes became dead, something was inside his soul as if it had attached itself to his very DNA and coursed though his every being. Orchid faced with pure primal evil was helpless. With only one option left to her she revealed to him that she was his sister. Jago regained control and managed to spare orchids life.

Tj combo a secret general of the Disavowed jumped in scooped Orchid up carrying her to safely. TJ had a long history with ultra tech one what ended less favorable for him but in turn left him secretly very wealthy. For years TJ had funded parts of the resistance covertly and had become very close friends with Orchid.

All three managed to escaped, seeking refuge with the knight guard in order to learn more about Jagos possession and the DNA they both were born with.

The Killer Instinct tournament was turned into a war of demons, resistant fighters and killer weaponry a free for all war broke out. Getting grossly out of hand and subsequently forcing the government to allow Ultra Tech marshal law. Their initiative was clear bring in these vigilantes at any cost and end the resistance.

Ultra Tech sent everything she had to the knight guard. The fight was bloody and bitter many fell but many more ultra tech abominations would reassembled in their place.

Why were these children so important to Ultra Tech? what would their existence bring about and why was Jago so easily possessed by an ancient evil spirit and to what end now that it had left him?

For the first time science wasn’t proving the answers myth and legend had a part to play. As Maya spoke of an ancient past and a new coming of age of titans it was clear the twins past would soon become their future.

It was time to stop Ultra Tech and thwart the Omens plan to bring about a new age of Titans


DataDyne? Seriously? Are you trying to get sued for stealling someone’s intellectual property and using it as your own!?

the outfit with the long hair and space spy style is perfect example of what i think would be awesome alternate for Orchids alias and disguise heavy.


Hahah galactic you was awful at halo tonight lol xx

PS joanna is going to be in KI so dD is key. Hhaha plus you can use any other company if u dont like it its just a name or more of a place holder :smile:

But it would have been a clever link from joanna / dD / orchid / Jago / Gargous imo

Me too @BblackorchidD

I love the images actually i tried to find images of how she might have looked as a spy or when she worked insisde UT :kissing_heart:

I hope you liked the story i know we all love this girl so we all have our own ideas BUT i prf this to the brainless angry teenager they have made her.


@TempusChaoti if you get a free 6 hours have a read mr :smile:

Yeah, and you didn’t get to see the very next match I was in later this evening where I scored 5 double kills and a killing frenzy… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not gonna lie I actually like this backstory better then the other. I applaud you sir.

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That was a rather interesting read, good job. But question, why DataDyne? Is it to Joanna into canon?

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Very nice and great job too :smile:

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LOL boy you was saving up!!! No worries 1st round i did terrible. Halos like that u can go from godlike to basic in 10 minutes lol.

I got 5x bahsees so im well happy lol

@StarElite023 thanks star! That means allot :smile:. Personally i was pretty bored with how the new story made Orchid into an aggressive mess and how her father was her strength even tho he barely seemed to be around for her.

Jacob only turned up when she got her powers and showed some military interest. MEH why would i love him? Hes just an army dad hes no hero.

My Jacob and Lilly saved the twins lives at the the cost of their own probably painful death. They worked less to be with the children more. For 3 years the children were their worlds.

A possible realisation that life and family was worth more than work and science even if science had bought the twins to their lives.

The cold chilling realisation at the moment of death that they had chosen the wrong path and that familly mattered more. I can love these people far far more even if they feature less in the back story.

Yes i understand Orchids now fighting a war, shes desperate shes almost Sarah Connor from Terminator (now) but we dont have to disregard (then) when she was a covert agent.

In my back story we get both Orchids:

**Old Orchid **
Early year: Desperate for answers, clever, well studied, manipulative, covert, agile, setting up the future defence inside Ultra Tech, pristine, and a composed double agent.

**New Orchid **
Later years: Desperate, frantic, hardened, living on the run, a war leader, fighting waves of attacks from Ultra Tech, stronger, more hands on, living in rubble, armed and desperate for that next chance to take Ultra Tech down.

This way we can show that a woman can be hard and have a brain. Lol

@DiagonalSpy07 So my friend just to explain Data Dyne… take a deep breath and of course this is optional its a company name and could easily be swapped for our own fiction.

In the original KI it was set in a world where there were a few SUPER MASSIVE weapon corporations like Ultra Tech. They were all mass producing arms to war and i thought it would be interesting to re looks at that part of the original game.

As we know from real life companies spy and use tactics to effect each other look at Sony and Ms. Bringing an Ultra Tech competitor into KI would i believe add a third dimension.

What if Data Dyne a company from Perfect Dark created weapons or were involved in (even if it was for a meer 3 years) creating Orchids and Jagos powers and links to Gargous?

We know that Data Dyne in Perfect Dark 1 was covertly run by aliens (the skedar). We know some kind of invasion was going to happen without the interference of Joanna Dark and we know that Data Dyne had a fascination with ancient weapons and alien technology. Myths legends and outer world technology if you will.

We also know that Arias main goal is to up lift humanity. Her main protocol is to make sure no aliens or ancients take over human rule. Her focus is on making humans better with technology or creating powerful armies to protect them from these invasions.

This gives us the perfect perspective. Aria would hate everything about Data Dyne and would stop it nothing to shut down its experiments that used mythical DNA or any dealings they had with alien tech.

This of course doesn’t need to be explained in Orchids bio but it would have hinted to a guest character without saying it was Joanna Dark.

Im not a huge fan of guest characters but Joanna Dark could fit this way pretty nicely. In no way is Data Dyne in KI lore or cannon all of this is just my ideas but they fit. Perfect Dark and Ki Share allot of DNA in terms of design and story.

Perfect Dark could give us that competitor, Joanna and a stronger motivation for Aria and this would have been a clever tie in and easy way to tie that lore in.

Obviously the Carrington institute would have studied both companies specially the incident that got two pretty famous scientists killed.

Maybe Joanna could have taken these files back up when she joined the institute re opening the case and this could have lead her to monitor ultra tech and the resistance?

Maybe Joanna’s original plan was to bring in Orchid as undercover covert freedom fighter (or rebel) but through investigating realised Ultra Tech was far more dangerous and teamed up with her?

These girls were both spys i see them as partners they almost make the perfect tag team. A range or semi zone fighter (Joanna) and a close pressure rush down (orchid)

Id love to see the who side by side they would complement each other and we would finally have a guest character that made sense and added more dimensions to the game.
My Pic bellow:

So thats why i used Data Dyne but of course it could just be any name however i love subtle links that lead to more story or possibilities.

@KIFANATIC8488 haha thats an amazing gif and thank you. Everything we put our here is kinda personal i dont expect people to love it but its nice if they do.

If anything a few more visuals would be nice in MS versions.


Wow…deep. Guess I didn’t think of it that way. I already wanted Joanna to be the next guest, but now it just makes me want her even more.

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hehe its quite easy to connect them so there are lots of hidden connections in my back story :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

id love Jo Jo as i said im not a massive fan of guests but she would totally work!


I really enjoyed this story and the elements that you changed! Makes Orchid more a survivalist with a real reason to fight, very interesting read, I have to re-read this one more time and finalize my post, but I do like this back story a lot, I like it A LOT!

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Great job! I would love to read a long story with pics on ALL characters! Add ravens No mercy pics and that would be the sheet!

I recommend everyone to listen to “the End” off KI S1 sound track while reading these bios…it really sets the mood and tone for the read.

Keep em coming!

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Hahah great suggestion i wish MS added music here too haha. I could have added that track to put the icing on the cake

Glad you liked it @fallofseraphs :smile:

What is ravens no mercy pic tho? :smile: and where does it need to be added.

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I just meant all of the pics Raven made for the characters No mercy’s and ultimate’s… just putting one or two in there on all back storys…actually I wish IG MS would put them in the game for real lol

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OHHH i get it!!!

sorry!!! yeah i get that!

TOTALLTY. You know what i bet so many guys here with huge talent would do this stuff for free!

i mean i wrote all that for nothing… and imo its a billion time better haha. ID do it for FRRRREEE

Are you going to do more? Do all of them like Raven did with the No mercys!
Then i will have something to read every morning lol

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