Orchid Fan Art (Simple)

Hey guys

Just a little Orchid, Barbie style! Wanted her to look a little cute for a change lol!

I will colour it at some point!

just wanted to keep it SUPER simple!

X Wanda X

@OmegaSaiko not as good as yours! But inspired by you! :smiley:


What you call simple, I call amazing! Now, where are my crayons?

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HAHA thanks big G’z

its about time this queen got some glam! :smiley:

I know you were going for the barbie-doll look with Orchid, but with a picture this good, I’m wondering how well you could do some of the other characters. How about some more ladies in similar fashion? Or perhaps something entirely out of left field (Ken-doll Jago, for example)? Come on! Challenge yourself and make us other KI fans proud! :smiley:

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She looks great!!.I like it!! To me, this looks like Orchid’s first ID photo when she joined the spy agency :smile: . I hope to see more art from you.

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I love seeing all styles of art especially interpretations of characters I play.

Deviantart has the most expansive orchid fan art ever.

When I did my first piece I wanted to omit Orchids goggles but finally ended up adding them, but my next group piece has all the girls in my own design for them relating not to lore but to their instinct

I also love to see interpretations of the first orchid style IMO it was the most stylistic

An a line bob patent material hot short onesie and calf high tech boots with light sabers


Goggles electric batons Kevlar / carbon fiber vest hiking shorts and steel toe boots with grenades

I’d wonder how a future orchid would be conceptualized by MS?


Yeah, that’s how I feel every time I want to draw Orchid. I might omit the goggles, grenade and simplify her costume a little more in future arts. I like busy design but when it’s done in style, for some reason it doesn’t work for me here.


Very nice and may I say quite sexy too :wink: :smile:

Wanda did you ever color it?

BB i didnt :frowning: never had time… i started adapting it into a maya tho this is SUPER early!..

need time to finsih it!!!