Orchid Color 11 suggestions

When Orchids Ultimate figure comes, she will get a new color.
Which color combination would you like to see?

Although I feel they could break the mold with a new skin, I would love to see Orchid have a full white with green or blue trim vest with light grey tank and denim or white shorts with

BLONDE OR RED OR BROWN OR WHITE HAIR. Something Different, attached to the purchase

I just don’t want Orchid shipping with a color like the one Hisako shipped- the same green…

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Color 10, not 11. Only Shago has a color 11

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Don’t forget that Orchid has the Red Christmas color.

I would like to see an all white uniform.


Man I wish I had access to my Xbox when her color ten was available. Looks so cool.

Orchid’s 10th color was a holiday costume.

If like a strawberry red with yellow.

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Do you have red color 10?

I’d still love to see a Roxy Rave colour for Orchid. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let us create our own colors… Kustom Kolors

Still any of these.


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I think color 10 is supposed to come with season 3, the candy cane accessories are here. The color still hasn’t appeared on my end though.


You got the canes but not the red vest???
I’ll be upset if this is the color they’re offering for her figure purchase.

I’ll have to check today, I stopped playing for a couple of days due to work and all that. The accessories themselves didn’t appear until after a day post release. Can anyone else confirm they got the accessories at least?

I know I’m probably beating a dead horse but just to be sure @TempusChaoti can we get a confirmation on if Orchid’s holiday color comes with season 3? I have the canes, wulf’s reindeer accessory and TJ’s beard but not Orchid’s color.

Maybe it’s in the shadow lords mode.

I like the idea of changing the hair color… I also like the idea of a white haired, white attire Orchid.

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Or a whole new skin