Orchid Color 11 FT10 vs Kazuchika Okada

Ultimate Source was kind enough to let me showcase color 11 Orchid. It is a sexy red which has different lighting effect on different stages.
Here is a close FT10 set I play today on stream vs upcoming talent Kazuchika Okada from USA.


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Looks just like the Christmas one.

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Looks like the christmas one without the green

I like the original better. At least it has red gloves.

If the color 11 has white glowing spring batons, that’s nice.
I would have loved her main vest/ shorts boots to be white with red trim or solid black with green glowing trim.
What about a hair color change.
An iridescent blue-black that shimmers like a hummingbird, that represents the flower she’s named after…

Not that I expected anything to blow me away.

Here’s your mind-blowing color 11

I am however very excited about the official Orchid action figure!!!

How can I get the figure I want that color.

They are coming 2019

That’s real late