Orchid christmas color

Is there a way to get the green-red christmas color?
originally you could only get the color and all the accessories through playing the game around christmas or something like that.
All the accessories are available for everybody, why not the Orchid color?

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I thought it was in the definitive edition.

I am playing the free version and is unlocked, also I get Orchid by playing shadow lords

Last I checked, Christmas Orchid was supposed to be free.

Strange, I have the definitive edition but I don’t have it unlocked.
Seems like I have to play the shadow lords mode more.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was wondering if there’s any way to get access to those Christmas colors if I don’t, even though I installed the Definitive Edition. Should I install another version of the game on top of it?

I’m with you I’ve tried everything to get the Christmas colors. I have the little pieces but I don’t have the full set

What little pieces? I have no pieces :frowning:

From what I understand, the Christmas skins are completely unavailable now.

I had SW antlers and orchids Christmas canes. Originally I had game pass and I ended up purchasing the game and I ended up showing some updates available when I went to the Xbox store because a lot of my packs according to the game store we’re not installed even though they were supposed to be included.

So on top of definitive edition I installed a number of all of the packs individually and it updated a lot of my accessory options. Some of my riptor accessories looked different after I did the individual pack upgrades. Also I think idol had more accessory options as did glacias gargos and maybe cinder? I’ll attach a screenshot

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A lot of that is supposed to be included in definitive edition but I noticed when I did it manually many of the accessories updated or looked different. I have some buggy issues with my killer instinct it does crash a lot if anyone has any advice on how to fix that let me know. I was told that if you uninstall the cargos costume pack and The Omen costume pack it could fix it

Me I don’t have the Retro Accessories items, or I don’t see them, but I can use them in the game.

I think like me, you bought the Definitive Edition, yes? If so, I believe things are bundled differently than for people who had the game earlier with it’s Seasonal model.

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Those were GG’s last night. I was surprised I got the win over your hisako ( shin?) But I had no answer for your Fulgore.

Man there were some heavy hitters out last night yourself included


Thanks, you did fine.

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