Orchid bug and shenanigans

Here are 2 clips showing that shadow flik flak on reset is breakable… This really hurts the character with her mix up game. the first one shows it without a grenade (More recent discovery) and the 2nd is the 1st one i found out about with the grenade so it has to do with using it on reset.

i also have a couple of just weird stuff like cross up air grab and orchid flying 50 ft in the air

If we can get the one major bug fixed ill be happy.
I also have one more ill need some explaining on once i find the match and record it to add to this
@TheKeits @rukizzel @TotalJimkata Thanks for taking the time to look at these

We have a thread for reporting bugs.


my bad i didnt find it, i see it now, im not as active on forums as i would like to be. should repost it there?

Definitely do.

well tbh then it should be a option to post there without finding the thread first like it is with the others

Well, it’s a pinned thread in the feedback forum…

yes but you didnt even listen so whatever…
have a good day