Orchid bombs vs arbiter bombs?

can you guys explain to me why arbiters bombs dmg him blast him if he has no shield but orchid bombs dont do nothing at all to her if they blast on her?

Even though they’re both tossing grenades they are both designed with a different mechanic for their grenades.

Arbiter can vastly change the angle of his throw, and his grenades stick to the opponent and recapture them if they are in the air when it explodes. As a tradeoff, his grenades are limited to a timer and are dangerous to him unless his shield is active.

Orchid’s grenades roll across the ground and are intended to control space, but she is not limited as to when she can throw them other than the fact that she can only have one on the screen at a time. I don’t think that they recapture, and they do not present a danger to Orchid.

As another example; both Cinder and Riptor use fire in some attacks and enders, but only Cinder is designed to use Burnout. They both are using a thematically similar feature but the mechanics are entirely different.

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I’d like to think it’s because it’s related to his being more of a magical astral type grenade.

Keits made it possible to actually think about her using them as she clearly has two on her shoulders lol

Remember that s2 update stream where he says the retro has no explanation for origin lol

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