Or do you not like Shago as much?

Maybe you don’t like Shadow Jago, put your voice here.

I don’t like him or the new mechanics to the future Season 3. It would have been a safe bet if they just replicated the Season 1 boss exactly and much less effort not to mention.

Then it begs the question, what’s the point of playing as regular Jago if Shago has exactly all of his moves and more? That’s why he’s so different in the first place.

Personally, the more I mess with Shadow Jago the more I dislike him. From what I’ve experienced it feels awkward to do combos with him and trying to break him has some kind of delay. Also His annihilation beats out slides which if I remember is not the case.

This is exactly what I DID NOT want when I heard the mention of Shadow Jago becoming playable. He would basicaly be Jago 2.0 and nobody would be playing Jago anymore if that happened.

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The entire point of making him a “real boy” was to make him entirely his own character.

For those of you saying you don’t like him, if you don’t already actively play every single character already in the game besides him, you’ve already got characters you don’t like. The new version of Shadow Jago is no different - either he fits for you or he doesn’t.

I haven’t had a chance to play him at all yet, but I plan to do so tonight after work. I may like him, I may not, but I absolutely prefer having 18 characters who are unique than having 17 and a skin cluttering up a character select box.


Not to familiar with him yet, but I wasn’t expecting him to play so drastically different to boss jago…I mean its what we wanted after all?

I think the hype killed Shadow Jago for me. I was so excited to play as him to be able to learn him but ultimately figure out how unsafe he really feels and to feel borderline useless? I’m trying to learn him still but everything that I learn about him makes me hate this character even more. I’m all for a risky character if he’s done right when the reward is worth it enough, hell, look at Lucario in Smash Bros. the more damage he takes the more his damage increases to the point where it balances out (certain moves that were safe become unsafe).Shadow Jago has too many unsafe moves and the damage output is less than impressive. I’ve been trying with him starting at launch 6 PM CST to 5 AM CST and am now trying again (It’s currently 2:31 PM when I type this out).

That would be a guaranteed losing bet, because it’d throw the balance of the game asunder and cause widespread uproar from not just competitive players, but also anyone who plays against other human beings and has to deal with both the insane mixups and the signature Jago staying-at-plus-frames-in-front-of-you-forever stuff. Not only would Jago go roundly ignored in competitive play, but so would every other character, with maaaaybe the exception of one or two specific characters whose combat designs allow them to fight Shago on some odd dimension which ignores the things which make him powerful in an aggregate sense…which is likely to be nobody, because even Jago is designed to not really have glaring shortcomings.

I like him (Being a rebel XP) He’s just not for everybody. He feels right at home to me, but that depends for other people.