Option To Play Opponent's Theme Music

Since there are going to be a total of 5 characters in season 3 without their own stages, that means in all likelihood, most people will rarely hear those character’s themes. The option to manually select a particular theme before the match is a nice addition, but since it stays on that theme until you switch it back, that one songs gets old pretty quick for me and probably others. So “Default” becomes the option of choice, leaving Rash, Mira and the rest of season 3 in the dust.

Why not take a page from SF’s book and give an option to “Play Opponents Theme” as well. This way we can be sure that all of Atlas Plug & Cell Dweller’s work gets enjoyed equally.


I :heart: this idea. :slight_smile:

I agree. Also it would be helpful for when you’re not using the opponent’s music to have some kind of better layout for the music than just a wall of text. If nothing else, maybe change it from that to maybe showing a small set of headshot pics laid out like the character select screen so you would recognize the theme you want quicker. Because right now I have noticed that every time I don’t just rush through the choices by just hitting random stage and ■■■■■ the music, I run out of time, not because I’m being indecisive, but because I have trouble finding what I want.

Also, one more thing that bothers me to no end: having to hit “A” to confirm selection on anything in menus…especially difficulty. I don’t know how many times I have played survival and went in to the difficulty select menu, changed it what I want, and found out after a fight or 2 that it didn’t change, all because I backed out of the menu instead of hitting “A”. Please fix this. I would be very greatful.

I just noticed they added random theme. This actually is better as I was surprised to hear Aria theme on Sabrewulf stage and it was rather energizing.

I now choose random theme to play a theme lottery if I’m not streaming my radio/ CDs

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I personally disagree. If I have to hit A on an option, I know I’ve changed it to what I want and haven’t screwed it up. Moreover, when writing guides, it helps those who also can’t see (yes, I know we’re in the minority as players but still) to confirm what they’re doing is correct.

The thing I’m frustrated about with regard to that is the fact that random requires no confirmation and you can’t back out of it as yet.

On topic: I think this could be an interesting option. Moreover, regarding the wall of text, they’re adding a theme preview option (or rather, it’s been requested to be added) so that might help.

Considering there’s a rather short timer attached to the theme/stage selection, it really wouldn’t.

This is a really good idea.

I’d like to see for example, Sabrewulf’s stage, with a hue of red lighting, and Mira’s music set to it selectable also.

Rash could use TJ’s stage maybe, with say a green hue of lighting, and his music set to it.

bit of a necro but
yea i realy would like to have the option to have the game play the music for those characters i play against or who is the character wo gets challanged as in the one who does get to chose the stage … so i don´t have to manualy chose the music for when i THINK i play against say raam, rash or kilgore (because there is no stage their music is bound to by default when it comes to online) and then it turnsout that i don´t play against them … and i don´t realy like using that word but it feels a bit … immersionbreaking …

sooooo has there been anything new on this?