Option Selects

So lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Option Selects.

If you don’t know what a OS (option select) is it is basically a method of inputting multiple commands that allows you to cover the most options your opponent might choose from.

In Street Fighter 4 option selects were very common but the most basic and most common was in the form of the throw option select which allowed for (usually) a crouching short and and throw tech to be inputted at the same time. If your opponent when for a throw you would tech it, if not you would crouching short. Simple but extremely useful.

Now in Killer Instinct throw OS doesn’t exist (to my knowledge) but we do got some other ones. For example the Hisako OS discovered by PaulB.

Now right now at this point in the games lifespan this isn’t too much of a threat yet. However if SF4 is anything to go by it will eventually become more and more relevant as time goes on.

SF5 has already discovered some more OS options involving V trigger and alpha counter.

I am hearing that in the latest build of SFV these OS have already been patched out.

So my question is this. Should Option Selects be patched out of Killer Instinct and why?

I am personally of the camp that Option Selects can be detrimental to a game and lead to stale game-play down the road and I would prefer them to be patched out (if possible). I totally endorse using them if they are in the game…but should they be?