Option Select Throw Teching

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do you know if Killer Instinct has such type of tech throw, like Street Fighter V?

Search for option select in the search bar there is a huge conversation on this you can read.

KI does use negative edge, but there aren’t too many particularly effective throw tech OS’s in the game to my knowledge. You can delay throw tech, but because there is no comparable V-reversal mechanic that shares inputs with the throw tech, you’re not going to get too much out of it if they just meaty you normally. And because of how much recovery throws in KI have, neutral jump pressure (which is pretty common in KI) would probably blow up a block/delayed tech OS. The throw tech window isn’t large enough that you could react to “meaty neutral jump” - your delayed tech would come out and you’d be punishable.

KI generally has more active normals and more (than launch SFV anyway) pre-jump frames, so something like the jump back+throw tech OS that you saw a lot in earlier SFV also wouldn’t be as useful. Meaties in KI are pretty easy to time by sight, and there are more opportunities to set up meaty situations since there are more hard knockdown opportunities than in SFV.

All that said, there are throw tech OS’s in KI, generally of the block/delayed throw tech variety. They do still have their uses, though I’m not aware of any that rely on negative edge to proc. Hisako probably has one of the more useful throw tech OS’s in the game actually, with a parry/throw tech OS that can be good in certain MU’s.

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You can (and fairly often, should) use late teching to simultaneously block and escape potential throws when defending against pressure. You have something like 7 frames from when the throw attempt connects to tech it, which is also usually well into blockstun if they go for a button instead. It can be baited by the offense, e.g. by jumping, and you risk inputting the tech outside of blockstun and eating a frame trap if you don’t know where in the string your opponent is pressuring you with you’ll be in blockstun.

I’m not really aware of anything offensive you can get off of late teching in KI. It was considered a big positive of KI at launch that it did away with SFIV’s crouch teching, which was a kind of OS where you’d block if they pressed a button, tech if they tried to throw, and get a crLK if they did neither. With the caveat that I never played or really followed competitive SFIV, I imagine it blew up slower mixups, gave you the offensive if they tried to block to bait a DP, etc. It was baitable (I’ve seen it baited out with EX tatsu which low-crushed the crLK), but people complained about it being degenerate, and I can see why. Apparently Guilty Gear Xrd still has crouch teching, they even teach it in their tutorial, because GG is just nuts like that I guess. Nevertheless, KI made a point of cutting down on this stuff, so I wouldn’t expect much. tbh, I’m wondering whether the OS in that video is of any concern to the SFV community.

Maybe if you hit LP+LK and then MP+MK you’ll get a tech if they go for the throw and a shadow counter attempt if they press a button? The obvious problem being that you need them to follow with yet another attack for that shadow counter to catch anything. Might be worth your while if you’d expect a multi-hitting move or a throw.

I’m still trying to understand if “delayed” it’s a term or some input technique.
If it’s use just a term I’m assuming it means I would wait a bit before inputting throw. If it’s something else I’m still trying to figure it out.

Whick is the difference with a normal throw? For what you wrote delayed throws will also come out and be punisheable. Maybe I’m thinking they are option selects where the throw won’t ever come out because of blockstun.
I’m really confused about this action ,the term is confusing.

Maybe is “retrasar mi intento de agarre”?. Meaning I will tech throw, but after blockstun? What’s the situation? I’ll be still vulnerable to a shimy?

Throws have a window of time where after you’ve been grabbed, if you hit LP+LK, you will tech the throw. Fenris above said 7 frames, so let’s just go with that. Basically, instead of trying to tech a potential throw st the start of it, you tech it later in that 7 frame window. The upside to this is that you get to wake up blocking, so if they meaty you instead, you’ll be stuck in blockstun and your LP+LK input won’t come out. If they throw you on wakeup instead though, then you will tech the throw towards the back end of tech window. In this way you cover both meaty button and meaty throw options when you’re knocked down. As stated above though, if they neutral jump you’re hosed, since absent block stun, your throw attemp is going to come out.

So yeah, basically this:

For this situation,

It’ll depend on the nature of your throw tech OS. The wall splat throw tech OS will let you throw tech after wallsplat without having to worry about the throw coming out if they decide to neutral jump instead. If you use Hisako’s counter/throw tech OS though, you’re committed to the counter. If they try to throw you you’ll get the tech, but other than that you’re going to be stuck countering.

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Yesterday I spent time in the lab doing the wake up throw tech option select. Sometimes I’ll get it and other I would get a counterhit because of the meaty. Looks like my timing isn’t the best for the input. I’m doing it after the HKD, not the soft one. I should practice both anyway…Still, waking up blocking doesn’t seem like a bad option to consider to use as a habbit depending on the situation.

That’s evil! lol. Still I suppose you have to pick the right parry (low or high), right? Unless you are in instinct

True. I don’t actually use this OS very much though - it’s not the easiest thing to time, and it gets blown up by a ton of offensive options. If I think you’re going to throw me, I’m just going to command grab you on my wakeup instead.

The only MU where I actually use the OS is against Aganos - he has no lows up close, so it’s a pretty solid defensive bet in that fight.

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