Optimal counterbreaker in corner?

Per infil’s guide, (ki.infil.net) Kilgore’s optimal 2meter combo has you doing HP, l.guns back and forth. After the 4th headbutt, you do the ex.missiles, OTG guns to ex.dp. (Out of the corner, you usually take 1 more step forward to ensure a connection).

In the corner however, bc the opponent on the ground is so close, the OTG guns seem to overshoot unless your gunspeed is at level 4 or overheated.

Has anyone else found this to be the case?
(that the 2meter optimal counterbreaker combo only works in the corner with lvl 4 gunspeed or when overheated)

I’ve no time to test it rn but I think OTG guns should connect in corner if you backdash or walk back a little.

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I will try this. I wonder if the recovery of the ex missiles will permit to connect the combo.

So I tried this out and it seems that the combo works in the corner. I’ve tried every gun speed and don’t see a difference. You can also just take a step back to be sure

Are you maybe going forward during S missles? That might be it.

WHat is I.guns back n forth?

alternating between HP autodouble and light dash guns linker

hmm, maybe my timing is off. i’ll check here shortly. thx tho.