Opponent disconnects restricting my access to rank. No issue prior to patch

Afternoon Killers,

Since yesterday, players have been disconnecting from me in ranked mode on PC whether I am using a wired or wireless network. This would great aside from the fact that I am now getting probation warnings regarding the behavior. My network is open and ports forwarded so I don’t think its a network error. It typically happens in best of threes with random lag spikes. Anyone else experiencing similar activity?



Yes I got 2 warning and Ive never disconnected and when I got the warning it was after I lost fair and square and once after I won fair and square. Its some sort of bug. But I dont like the fact its calling me a cheater with the scales of justice in the back ground of the warning.

Dont worry about it… until your get suspended from ranked I wouldn’t worry.

Multiple People are consistently quitting on you. The system figures theres something on your end causing people to quit on you constantly Hence the probation warning.

It’s a failed attempt at stopping lag switchers basically. They caught on to the fact that people are lag switching since this one dude I won’t mention decided to lag switch on a very prominent KI streamer. It was caught on a live stream and measures were taken by MS to ban the player.

The way the system sees it is simple albeit flawed. Why do alot of people keep quitting on you, there has to be a reason or somehting you’re doing causing lots of people to quit, Maybe it’s your sportsmanship, maybe your connection is really bad and people don’t want to subject themselves to the torture, maybe you have ulterior motives, etc.

I personally think people with bad net setups in general should not be playing ranked and ruining the experience for others. Theres exhibition mode