Opening Cinematic for Killer Instinct

I’ve always really wanted Killer Instinct to have an awesome opening cinematic and I think now is the time for one in Season 3.

When someone turns on the game and they watch it the would be like damn! this game looks awesome. Bring the hype!


Sure would be better than the checking for downloadable content screen.

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They don’t have to go all out full blown animated cutscene but something would be appreciated. I wouldn’t mind something simple similar to the 8bit beatdown/s intro.

Something like this


GET HYPE!!! The best thing about that video for me.

That was beautiful…

Something like this


Cool and awesome idea. So bring it on. Let’s do that too

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That would be cool.
Evolve has a cinematic when it starts while it’s loging in the background.

Even like this!


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I agree, I tried to make a thread about FMVs as well. These kind of things make the game’s presentation feel complete.

If only for once they did FMVs!

Please guys, even an extended trailer with existing characters doing their combos over a new KI track would be appreciated.

Currently we have nothing to show for except individual trailers buried away in a youtube channel. To lure in new people, a showcase of all characters is needed.

What if it was like this? This would be cool, but I would like to see how epic and amazing IG can do with it. With Bigger Flame Explosions that is…


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I actually have what could be an interesting idea. How about we make the cinematic - or we all make our own and see whose comes out the best according to the rest of the community maybe - even if it’s just for fun (I’d be happy to give it a go myself given the chance).

Moreover, when a new character is released, the first thing that loads could be the latest trailer (if you haven’t watched it before), then the cinematic could play, similar to the SFV Beta which I was lucky enough to play onPC recently thanks to a player even though I hadn’t preordered the game.

For example, if they wanted to show past Shadow Jago and a brief glimpse of what he has become now, maybe something like this: Shadow Jago: Public release trailer (I made this as a test to see if I could actually finish something like this without help and I managed it, it’s the most difficult project I’ve done thus far for my chanel)

I agree, this should’ve been done a long time ago. Also, the press menu screen should be as the original theme - those four soft opening chords on a dark screen with flashes, that when the main melody kicks in should resolve themselves into the press menu screen and then the DLC check could load while the theme dynamically plays instead of the current loop which gets boring after a while… Do you guys agree about this idea, or not? I’m interested in your thougts on that as well.

we need to make that video the cinematic lol…if not…can we atleast get the “GET HYPE”! part if and when we do get a opening cinematic .