Opener into ultra

I need some input from our Shadow Jago familiar players…

I just got through a match with a player. I was low on life and the game was pretty much theirs. I remember that i was walking backwards and was not in any sort of combo state, but i got hit with what i believe was jab, into ultra. It threw me so much that i didn’t care about the second game and went right for my replays. For some very strange reason, the replay did not play the match out like i saw and at the end, i was hit with jab into light DP.

I would try to recreate this in the lab but i do not have Shadow Jago.

From what i know of the game, a single jab doesn’t count as an opener, and technically, i’d have to have gotten hit with 3 in rapid succession to be in combo state i believe. What in the world did i just witness? And i’ve always known the replays to be buggy in some cases, but not like what i’m seeing now. I’d almost want to call cheating, but i can’t prove that.

You could be a victim of lag switching, where you would see tid bits of whats happening in real time, you should upload the replay and post it in t his thread. not just the video, but turn on the hitboxes and inputs. the inputs will allow me to detect whether or not your opponent was cheating because i can see both opponents inputs.

This is KI, strange things happen ALL THE TIME.

@ItzTymeToDul, with both hitboxes and inputs on…

I dunno if it’s because it was just uploaded but the first 10-15 seconds are choppy.

I would say around the 1:23 mark is where the video starts differing from my memory.

2:53 is showing low, low, overhead, microwalk, jab into DP. I just remember jab into ultra, and i know i saw the flash and all that…bizarre.

I’m glad you brought this up. I’ve been single-hit into ultra before, but it’s never occurred to me that that’s not opener-ultra and shouldn’t happen. For it to follow opener-ultra rules, you’d either have to do as the name implies or do an opener immediately after a neutral hit to get the ultra.

To test this, I labbed it up (20% non-regenerating health) using Shago, and like expected, what I just said (and you prior to that) remained true - jab into ultra does not work.

I think this is simply a product of the game’s great netcode and rollback lag, which would also explain the inconsistency with the replay. In all likelihood, a neutral hit into opener into ultra was performed, but due to rollback lag, it basically looks to you like they skipped the opener altogether when in reality, they didn’t. You just saw how the game interpreted it effectively to hide the lag.

The replay always gets jumbled when lag rears its ugly head and is therefore unreliable because it’s not a true replay. It also triess to interpret the match, and as such it can be wrong. Even the inputs and hitboxes in this would be unreliable.

The only way to truly show us what happened is to get a true recording of the actual match itself (like with XBL’s “record that” feature or other means).

Inputs for the opponent in replays is usually jumbled and not useful at all unfortunately. Whatever your replay says they input is probably wrong. Accordibgly, what actually happened will probably remain a mystery.

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But… Kim wasn’t in danger in that clip how did you get ultrad?

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That’s another weird thing. I lost that round according to what i saw in-game. In that replay, like you said, it didn’t even hit danger. It plays it like one of us left the game or something…

Replays also tend to corrupt on laggy or dropped games. In which case the replay will exist, but its playback of your game will be bogus and full of junk inputs instead of what actually happened.