Opener enders shouldn't be able to win the match?

There have been several situations recently where opener ender combos, which I could’ve broken had I not been killed, ended the match. I believe this should be prevented somehow, though an exact solution hasn’t come to me as to how to solve this, but it is a problem especially with the influx of new players.

There’s something to be said about the idea that if you’re weak enough to die to opener->ender, then you deserve the loss that comes from it if it kills you. Alternately, you can kind of think of it in terms of if you were playing a better player, they would have just done opener-ultra and you’d be dead anyway.


Are you also saying Opener->Ultra shouldn’t be a thing?

You were too low on health to break anything, so you lost. Sucks, but that’s how it is.

It seems incredibly unlikely you have enough health to survive the opener, but die from a non-cash out ender. Might happen, but extremely rarely.

Good players will just ultra you there anyway, so changing this doesn’t alter the game in any way.

I dunno man. If you’re down to literally a pixel of life, and you get hit by anything, I don’t think you should be upset.


I dont see how this is even possible unless you are on the last magic pixel and you die with the sound of “uuuaaahhhh” from the opener. At that point does it even matter? If you didn’t survive the opener…how can you break the ender?

When I first started playing this game I thought Opener to ultra was bad, and unfair. But I got over it real quick and just started using it to my advantage…this isnt KI classic or KI2…Its KI 2013 and this is how it works. You have to adapt and move forward.

Im assuming @SightlessKombat you cant distinguish the difference until its too late too break? But could you have broken it anyway?

I guess, but I personally think opener ender is even worse as the anticlimax after watching yourself die by an opener ender that given you had enough life you know you’d have seen and hopefully broken is worse than being ultraed. Just my opinion though.

Never really been a fan of opener>ultra, but I understand that’s a thing. Just seems very frustrating when I get beat by that and I’ve actually tried my hardest to fight an opponent who is in certain cases unskilled enough to perform an ultra - players who jump a large amount and can’t be anti-aired with fireflash doe to range, or players that ground rush you so you can’t challenge them without being beaten by their move’s various statistics.

Not saying opener ultra shouldn’t be a thing, just a thought that opener ender is breakable eny other time and that rule is bent here pretty badly.

There is one question that most seem to have failed to consider from my personal perspective of having no sight: What if you don’t know you’re about to die? What if that magic pixel might as well be half a life bar? Well, that’s kind of how it is. I’ve used attacks on people who I thought weren’t close to death only to find that they died on that very first hit.

I might’ve overexagerated a little, but I think you get my point. Sometimes even the announcer saying danger is inaudible (it starts then stops very suddenly or isn’t said at all, same with lockouts, counterbreakers and combobreakers in certain cases though the latter is super rare).

Just thought I’d throw that one out there.

In the majority of cases, regardless of which hit kills me, the opener or the ender, I realise that the combo is an opener ender and reckon that given I had enough life, as stated previously, I likely would’ve seen and broken it. Yes, it’s reactionary and could get me killed via counterbreaker, but that’s all I have to go on, as you can hopefully understand. Ender breaking is easier when it’s opener>ender as the entire ender is breakable (correct me if I’m wrong). So if the ender has a long animation for example, I can break it. Even if it’s a shorter one I might be able to do that as well given the right about of life.

It’s when you’re killed by the ender you think why the heck is that a thing if you can break it normally mid-match. I feel sorry for new players who know about the opener>ender=breakable rule being KOed by this kind of thing. It’s frustrating, especially when you’re playing a character you’re only fighting as to get 20 ranked matches and probably never fight as him again due to the frustration and anger that has been caused (namely CInder in this particular instance, though there have been and will be others I don’t doubt).

Apologies for the long post, but hope you get where I’m coming from.

Uh, well, yes. If you have no sight, then you will encounter problems like this.

But your suggested change in the topic does nothing to fix this. You will still die often, not knowing how much health you had.

Opener-ender being breakable even after you have died (somehow) will not curb this problem at all.

That’s the only time an ender is breakable. When else is it breakable that it’s not easier? Also, if you were low enough health to be killed by opener ender then you would have gotten killed by literally anything else since you can’t break the hit the kills you regardless of what it is. If they had done a linker or a manual you would have died without being able to break them, and a double you would have had to break before the first hit actually hit you.

Yes, I respect that, was merely raising it as a question that was at least slightly relevant to the topic at hand. Apologies if this was misunderstood.

Yes, this is a fair statement. I must admit, I think having to play Cinder to get achievements has driven me rather off the path of rational thinking - I can only imagine what Kan-Ra, TJ, Maya, Aria and Rash will do to me… :frowning:
It’s a shame that the game has, in part due to an inability to track my stats and in part for my wish to just get as close as I can to platinuming my first game, got me to this rather strange place of finding holes that might not even exist in a large number of the game’s aspects. If I didn’t have to win as many (or any) matches in ranked with every character, we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion, as I’d be playing with characters I enjoyed and enjoying the game more as a result, at least theoretically.

I understand that my concept was very much off the wall and pointless, just thought I’d throw it out at the time as it was frustrating me.