Open KI up to community skins?

It feels like we have a pretty limited selection of accessories/skins given how old the game is now. What do you think of giving people access to create their own skins/accessories for KI? I’m pretty sure Microsoft/Iron galaxy wouldn’t be open to allowing mods, but even if it was just that they said they were open to the community making skins/accessories and then they then officially released the ones they really liked.


MS has said a few times that they fully expected PC mods to be a thing, and didn’t really have an issue with them. They weren’t going to open up the platform for it, but neither did they have any intention of cracking down on them. The bigger issue has been on the community side, with people figuring out how to do all the modding and execute on them. There just isn’t a large base of people with the knowledge and the dedication to make mods a thing.

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It’d be awesome if they just released the raw texture files or PSDs for people to edit, maybe hold a contest and make the best ones real skins.

I heard something about windows 10 store apps having some kind of file validation built in that would prevent modding?