Onryō Shirt Available from Eighty Sixed

Eighty Sixed is back once again with a Hisako themed shirt.

Check out the blog for the full details: http://www.ultra-combo.com/new-t-shirt-eighty-sixed-onryo/


This is cool, but…

Still waiting for the Jago & Kim Wu ones.

And where’s ma boy TJ at? :frowning:

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Two of these are inbound to my home, expected to arrive tomorrow :heart_eyes:

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Can we get these shirts in different color, or its sold as is in the picture?

I hope they put out Sadira soon. That’s when I order this one.

I want a blue/green tie dye shirt with Aganos’ face(s) on it, that says: “peacemaker” or “get stoned”

Wow! This one is sick! Definitely I’ll buy this. I love the Eighty Sized and I hope they’ll bring some more in the near future.

NIce shirt!!

ahah, I couldn’t resist on this one too, Even if the shipping price is kind of expensive for France…

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I’m wearing mine right now and I gotta say - this thing is REALLY comfortable. It’s not your everyday Gildan tee.


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