Only Two Light Blood Seekers Hit Standing Hisako

When you use light Blood Seekers, the highest bat just flies over Hisako’s head. I do not think this happens on anyone else, at least while standing or walking. This could be fixed by perhaps lowering the third bat by just a little?

That would make it worse at catching jumping characters, including Hisako. As it is only the first bat and not the last, and so makes the move effectively a bit slower but with the same advantage on hit or block, I don’t think it’s really that bad.

Edit: I was mistaken, it is actually the other way round with the last bat missing.

Well, there is one more way. Making the highest bat’s hit box slightly larger on the bottom side? It would keep it at the same height and it would not miss Hisako anymore. Although, that might make it hit things that it should not in other cases… that small change might mean the difference between victory or defeat somewhere in the world. So, I guess it might stay this way? The medium and heavy Blood Seekers do not have this problem. It’s just cheesy having the bats hit just fine on everyone else, but only two hitting Hisako. Hopefully Iron Galaxy will fix this in a way that will not cause many issues… if that is possible.

I guess I’m just not seeing the problem. I think I get it, you would prefer all three to hit. Characters are inherently different in a myriad of ways, though. That’s what makes this game so interesting, the fact every character is unique and well thought out. This just seems like a minor, match-up specific thing that you have to learn and adapt to. Although from banemobious’s description, it doesn’t seem to actually affect anything other than the move requiring a couple extra frames to connect.

By the third bat, I meant the third one to hit the opponent, the furthest one from the opponent, and the highest one overall. If both players are standing, the third one does not change how soon the overall attack connects. If all three of them hit from a long distance, the first one deals 5.0 damage, the second 3.4, and the third, 3.0. If the third one misses, that means slightly less hit stun and 3.0 less damage than if it was used on anyone other than Hisako. That 3.0 damage does not seem like much, but if it was used a lot during the match, the damage numbers could add up, and it could be the deciding factor in a tournament game or something. It just seems wrong that Hisako specifically is safe from that damage.

And yeah, I guess Mira players would have to adapt to that specific match up. They would probably use the medium or heavy versions more instead? Or rely less on the bats? Or just use the light bats the exact same way not caring about less damage and hit stun?

Besides, you can avoid some of the bats by crouching anyway. Or by blocking. So, I guess it is not that big of an issue, but if it can be fixed without affecting anything else, it should be, at least in my opinion.

@Marbledecker & @STORM179,

See, told you she was broken. Lol

I was mistaken earlier and have edited my earlier post, I got the bat order backwards. What is actually happening is that Hisako’s hurtbox lowers slightly when she gets hit so the third bat misses, however if she blocks and remains standing all 3 will hit.

It really only amounts to slightly less damage, as she still has enough hitstun to link into any manual.