Online Training Mode

Most NRS games have this where you can train online with a friend with unlimited time and health. It would be a great way to help teach a friend a new character. With KI having such good netcode I feel this would be a great addition to the game


I agree wholeheartedly.

Yes yes yes. I have taught a bunch of friends how to play DOA5 through its online dojo and always wish it could be in KI as well.

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I have a friend who wants to know more about Omen, so I’d love an online practice mode!

Oh my God! I’ve pretty much taught all my friends to play KI, this would have been great if it was implemented from Day One.

I agree, I’ve had scenarios recently where I’ve wanted to learn things with members of this forum or teach friends about the game, which I currently can’t do due to the absence of an online training mode

It would be great to see it added as well, particularly if you could train on a stage rather than in the Dojo as in single player.

MS/IG: Please don’t lose sight of this suggestion.

Online training mode is a must now a days. A great of example of how much it is needed is when Steve aka Sajam was doing a tutorial for Aris about how to play the game and he wasn’t physically present. So he had to skype call and kind of just try and help him understand how to play the game. If online training mode had been a thing he could of jumped online with him and demonstrated everything he was talking about as apposed to just telling him about it and hoping he would understand.

Also stating the obvious it’s still great for training and preparing for tournaments.

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This will level up my game drastically!

I really really hope this feature will be introduced in S3 on launch.

This would be great. Would make finding errors and what not much quicker in the frame data as well as up training.

A little off-topic, but does Mortal Kombat X have this?

On topic, I think it’d be good especially with KI’s netcode.

I really hope we get an online practice.

What’s the chances they already have this in the cards? They already have an excellent netcode, this seems like obvious step to take. I hope they at least have it planned out.

Players have been asking for this since S1

yes it does.
but the netcode in MKX was terrible until recent patch.

KI is fighting that most people play online only, so this would be a great move. I’m surprised that they are making STAGE ULTRAAA and new VS screen that nobody wants, but didn’t add online training.

I like the new additions they made like the vs screen and stage ultras. You’re just a human. Like the rest of us, you have no sway or what “we” want or don’t want.

Only a higher being gets to decide that.

I like additions to character select screen but nobody likes new VS screen. I’ve been reading that many times. So that’s more of collective opinion.
Also this green+purple palette is not the best.

But this does not negate the fact that there’s a need of Online Training.

That’s fine. I’ll take online training. I see these changes as bonuses.

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