Online Replays

One thing I would love, is to be able to download online replays of other players, since it would help people learn more about the game.

Note: I did make a post before Online Replays?, but I wasn’t sure if bumping was a good idea, so I created a new one, since I think this would be a great feature (similar to Ultra Street Fighter IV).

Though I understand your idea, I feel it would lead to too much literal downloading of player’s strategies, thus making the game less a test of skill or how much people can jump (ranked for the latter) and more a test of how much you can see patterns, thus making the game boring and more repetetive that it can sometimes be. I understand the idea but just don’t think it’d help personally.

I don’t understand how it would be repetitive watching replays, but it is your opinion. I personally would just like to see replays, since I find them fun to watch, like USF4 replays; you could say “Why not watch them online instead?” Well, it ain’t always the best quality, whereas in-game, it’s better in my opinion, like Dota 2 (not a fighting game, but still better quality in-game).

I think a Replay channel would be cool. Any match that was recorded automatically gets uploaded, similar to what you saw with USF4. In terms of fearing that pros would get their tech stolen, I don’t think it is an issue. Most of the pros I know already share most everything via their twitter and or Youtube channels.

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My apologies, that’s what I meant. The replay channel, where you can watch other people’s replays.