Online Ranked Accept Challenger Options

For some time now I have run into the occasional ranked match where the connection between my opponent and I is really terrible. To the point, where i as a fighter has to just accept the match as a lost because the lag in that particular match. Or even matches the the connection just drops because the signal between two players is just too weak. Both of these scenarios will result in a lost for me as a player (as well as hundreds of us out there.)

Is there a possibility of allowing the player to make a decision in whether or not accept the ranked match or not by giving them a signal strength presentation of the challenging opponent. I think that this has become a standard in other fighting games…

Once a player is found for the ranked match, display their information as well as their ping strength with a representation of , then allow the player to either accept or deny the challenge. Becasue now I think that we are all flying blind into each match, and at times or records suffer because of it.

But other than that, amazing game guys, keep up the amazing work!!!


Yes, but the option to be able to accept or decline ranked matches should only be available when the other person has a lower connection, like less that 4 bars or something. Pretty much how MKX does it.


This would only work if you had to “accept the connection” solely based on their connection, meaning that you do not see any information about your opponent besides a connection strength until after you’ve accepted.

This would allow users to avoid the majority of bad connections in matches, but also couldn’t be used to avoid players or matchups unfairly because you don’t know who you’re playing against until the connection has been approved on both ends.

It could also mean that you have to wait longer between games, too.

I dont think this would work in KI ranked though… too much on the line and people would reject matches based solely on difficulty of the opponent if they recognize them.

In MKX it doesnt matter because their ranked system is just a basic win loss record. There is nothing connected beyond the leader board page. their are no promotion matches, no ranks titles, no KI cup points…notta

I think if anything you either have a strong enough signal or you dont…and if you dont, you cant qualify to play ranked.