Online practice mode for S3

So after watching yesterdays stream, I am still really disappointed we have no news on this. I know this has been a requested feature since forever ago, I know for a fact I have been wanting this for ages. I was hoping since we were getting more news today, which we did and some good ones at that, we would hear about this. I guess we have not even gotten any news on the new modes per se so likely we still have a chance to get this feature in but I really feel like at this point, S3 likely being the last season of KI, we should get an online practice mode like other fighters.

Now, I do not want this post to sound entitled as I am still patient and waiting to see what is revealed as we inch closer to the reveal of S3 but I will be utterly disappointed if there is no online practice mode. I really hate going to the lab and trying to work on MU stuff like how to defend agaibst Riptors pressure and other character shenanigans and I am not the greatest Killer out there and my game is not on Evo status so I do not know the tech with every character to manual record the dummy to do what I want all the time when I want, it is a huge hassle and makes practice mode very boring.

I think It would be so much better to be able to ask my friend or the person who beat me to help me out on defending or countering whatever it is I just lost to or was having trouble with. S3s new character moves, balances, reworks and mechanics will make it even harder for me because I have to essentially learn all the characters and their MUs over again to an extent.

Another use is if I want to practice normals and footsies against a friend in practice, no special moves, no combos or anything just straight up neutral game button pressing.

What are your thoughts on this are you expecting an online practice to be announced/revealed? Do you think we do or do not need an online practice mode? List your reasons and share your opinions.

Didn’t they have a thread a few months ago asking what training mode improvements we wanted in S3? Online practice was one the most requested things so I’m fairly certain it’s coming, it’s probably just either not coming at launch or they’re still just holding off on it because “stay tuned”

Seeing as how we all know there are modes not announced yet that are coming I really hope this is one of them and is something for launch as it would really help with mastering all the new characters and remastering the existing ones.

This is my most wanted feature for S3 above all else personally so I hope we get it sooner other than later but getting the feature at all now or in the future would be good enough for me.

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I have to jump in here and support this 100%. I’d love to use this to learn new techniques from people on these forums. I’d also really love to use it to help some of my less advanced friends get up to speed on new tech so that we can have more even matches. It’s impossible to express how great this would be.

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