Online Continuous Disconnections

Hello, I know I’m late to the game so I bought Killer Instinct on Steam on Sale a few weeks ago but haven’t been able to play a single online match yet. Every time I try to play online it disconnects after the character loading screen just before the fight or sometimes it disconnects after a few seconds into the fight after freezing saying “opponent has left the lobby. Returning to the main menu”.

I am using a wired connection and I believe my connection is good enough because I play online on PS4 and Valorant on PC as well which works completely fine.

Lastly, I would also like to say that I tried online with a friend who lives in the same city and uses the same ISP as mine and even with him I was facing this issue.

Please let me know anything that I could try to fix this issue I would really appreciate it.

Maybe you are downloading something while you play? It happened to me and I didn’t know I was downloading a game upgrade!

Hey Jaranowska,
I made sure nothing was downloading while playing the game. Its still happening. :frowning: