One thing Playable-Gargos Should have

The Shadow Lord’s dash. or Astral Hop

NO. Just no…


NOOOOO! he’s powerful enough!

Yes listen to this man he understands the dire consequences. That’d be like those idiot ■■■■■ letting out the creepy pyramid man!


Lol. I am very surprising that someone want Gargos get buff… He is already strong.

Oh yeah. In my personal opinion, anyone who wants a Gargos Buff, has not yet mastared or practiced enough with him.

How about Gargos gets 2 minions out off a single shadow stock? Hahaha… no!

Altough I think SL Gargos should be available for local multiplayer behind some kind of old school code, for lulz.

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That’s what made Gargos a demonic pain in the butt in the first place. There’s reason playable Gargos wasn’t given that.

Also I’ve fought a Gargos player who knew “Exactly” what he was doing and I got stomped.