One slight concern about possible combo breaker changes:

It could make Omen’s Shadow of Despair and Cinder’s Burn Out enders WAAY to strong. Imagine you break your foes combo and the health didn’t return. Depending on how much damage you ate up you’ll have to wait a long time for that combo to break.

Another issue is if you get hit in another combo and don’t break the combo this time, you’re going to die if not eat alot of damage.

So what I wanna say is: Instead of vying for a serioys change which will surely result in yet more buffs and nerfs, why not just encourage more usage of counter breakers? they’re in there for a reason in my opinion. I don’t see this change doing much good unless you have some way to balance it without more big nerfs and buffs that will HAVE to come with it.

I just don’t see this change really doing anyone much favor because eventually characters who do high potential damage moves will have to be changed to keep them in line with the possible new system.

I am of course saying this assuming they’ll actually try it.

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They’re already said that they’d be adjusting characters like Cinder, Raam, Omen, etc accordingly so that they aren’t super strong.


yeah which means burn out enders may not be as good either and I’m sure shadow of despair is no longer gonna be worth using the build up for.

Well this isn’t something I’m honestly gonna look forward to. I wish people would just learn to use counter breakers more.

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i agree, this idea is bad.

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Demonic despair will still be 100%, it just won’t be invincible anymore. And cinders burn outs are trading build up amount for the ability to remain on the opponent longer, it could be worse, it could be better, won’t know until we see it.

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Yeah I don’t know what issue this will cause. But I wished the devs reconsiderd this. Their rewarding players who don’t practice counter breakers or vary their combos enough. meaning you can keep spamming heavy combos all day long and not worry about using lights or mediums anymore. Because you’re not gonna get get completely punished for not varying your combos.

The main problem isn’t necessarily just that. It’s also that the system is like I said just earlier:

It will reward players who do not vary their combos. Why bother adding lock out systems? or anything which already rewards attackers who vary their combos and punish defenders for guessing wrong?

Isn’t three seconds of un-interuppted combo continuation rewarding enough?


It actually encourages the opposite imo. Someone getting longer combos and maximizing their potential damage build up will benefit a lot more than someone just spamming heavies hoping to build up potential damage over several combos.


Something like this also comes to mind:

The use of counterbreakers is encouraged enough in the game already. The fact that the players are stubborn and terrified of taking any kind of risk is not the game’s fault.


Then vary your combos. It really isn’t that hard unless you’re trying to manual your way through the entire combo (and that too you can get down with practice).
We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. They can always adjust it to fit better.

Does it mean that?

If you do heavies often early in combos, I will just break them like before. Then I will play solid defense for about 1 more second so my very small, mostly meaningless amount of PD heals back up. If you do happen to open me up again, your new combo will probably do, at most, 3-4% more damage than it otherwise would, if you fill the KV all the way and I lock out. Otherwise it will do 1-2% more, probably.

So, if you have a strategy that is “do a lot of heavies just to build up PD”, you will probably get… 10% more life over the course of a round (and probably not even that high) than you would get in the current patch, but you will also sacrifice all the “regular” damage you get through combo variations, which is more than 10% total, so I think it’s a bad strategy with a provably bad result.

The people it will benefit are those that are trying to vary their combos, but get broken, because they will keep their combo damage from the current game and add a small percent to it. Basically, it removes a bit of variance for the offense, but the number is not really that high if you’re talking about characters that don’t specialize in building PD.

I imagine it will also “feel better” in some non-mathematical weird way. You will see PD left over and you will be slightly less upset about getting broken, even though the math probably works out that you a) don’t get that PD all that often and b) when you do get it, the increase in damage is not game-changing. So it kind of… improves the fun factor of the game somehow? Without making stuff really that much different? Fighting game players (and KI players in particular) are emotional creatures, so any “buff to emotion” that a fighting game makes shouldn’t be discounted.


I don’t think you quite get what I was saying: Unlike most people I do vary my combos and I am not afraid to risk a counter breaker. and If I build up that damage on my opponent and they manage to break my combo, good on them. I had no issue with building up the damage again.

You need to say that to anyone who would WANT this kind of thing because they don’t practice enough. You’re preaching to the wrong fellow here Dooby.

@Infilament You may make some fine points there but I disagree and I don’t see too much benefit comingfrom this, and t yet more nerfs this time aimed at Omen, Cinder and RAAM But I suppose you’re simply talking from experience. Because from my expereince, I vary my combos and I don’t get broken that often, someone keeps guessing enough and I manage to catch on to that I’d already be thinking of how to maximize my damage in the next combo.

The issue isn’t that more damage can result from this, it’s that those who don’t do enough to vary their combos, or use counter breakers are getting rewarded for not doing anything to improve in that area of their own skill. Basically this new system could be a safety net for people who don’t do enough to avoid getting broken

So what benefit does the defender get? after the potential damage is delt I’m sure most will likely just defend much of the time and hope their PD comes back before a combo comes in and either does even more damage or kills them, one way or the other. So instead of having to do another nerf/buff patch.

If you ask me those possible rewards are reason enough to risk it, especially if you know what you’re opponent is trying to do, like guess breaking which again can be stomped out by taking active attention.

On the emotional level of things:

If you suffer emotional damage because you manage to do a demonic despair and didn’t expect your opponent to break the combo, well that is honestly on you. With all the damage built up why would anyone NOT expect their opponent to try and break the combo?

But, now that I have some time to cool my head I suppose all we can do is wait and see…

I agree, and those players who are so unsure need to look at the rewards:
-You get to bring out the full damage or set ups for your next combo.

-Three second lockout (Three seconds of uninterrupted combos) if your opponent guesses wrong. It’s no wonder the kind of damage you can do in three seconds.

-Upon successful counter breaker: your KV meter gets reset, and you gain three seconds of free combos to do with the level 4 KV meter which means you can unleash devastating combo damage on your opponent.

That should enough incentive to add some mind games into their combo variety and so on to avoid getting broken.

Eh… I understand why you might think this, but I’m not sure it’s true.

Unless your character specializes in PD, even getting broken on a level 4 combo would not leave THAT much PD behind. Enough that the next time you hit the guy, if it’s immediately, you start at level 2 I would guess.

Basically, people will still be fully rewarded for playing the combo game well, and they will suddenly not be winning a ton more games because of this change. I think the value of counter breakers will still exist, because it is still wholly better than being combo broken if you predict your opponent will break, and people who refuse to ever counter break will still be playing sub-optimally.

I was thinking that if they decide to go ahead and make it so that the player who’s breaking a combo and can only keep a certain amount of that potential damage, then the fair trade here would be for the combo breaking player to also cause around the same percentage of damage to the attacking player to even things out.

I don’t think CBs have to do damage in order to even things out. (Unless you didn’t mean that and in that case ignore it)

I think CBs are fine. I just don’t feel so sure of this possible new change with potential damage reset.

I’ll say this: Not looking forward to the possibility of having to re-work some of my own gameplay with Cinder to adjust.

Just no looking forward to the change at all hope they reconsider.