One of the best aganos out there that no one is talking about

I’ve been following this guy reeek for a few months now. He’s always posting new stuff, and he does really well in ranked.

He has great awareness, and great decision making, and is not afraid to go chunk less. Check it out!


He’s certainly not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but he makes a lot of unsafe moves, and like everyone else, he makes mistakes. You can see quite a bit of both in the above video. Not to push buttons, toot my own horn, or anything, but I would argue that, from the 1st few matches that I watched in that video, that my Aganos is better (I would also stream and upload stuff for others to see if my Internet/network was good enough for it too). :unamused:

I did, however, like how he often performed the head-butt into finger flick into pulverize combination - that’s something I haven’t seen many Aganos players do, and is certainly something that I don’t do myself.

This is the first time I’ve seen him straight up stream ranked matches, usually he goes back into his replay favorites and stand the best ones.

I was actually surprised he lost to that first riptor, but I believe he won nearly everything else.

He does unsafe things… But they get results, so it’s hard to call them mistakes if they work :confused:

Either way, he’s knows his match ups pretty well, he’s got that top 32 star last month, and def worth checking out. You should find a way to upload galactic!! Otherwise it’s just your word :confused:

Edit: would love to the mirror!!

Yeah, I suppose that’s true…

It’s not that I can’t upload (I just can’t live stream), I can, but it takes hours! For some reason, the Upload Studio app fails to find my clips ~95% of the time, much less start. Even when it works, I have to make sure the network isn’t already being taken up by other devices that might slow it down, like my brother streaming HD movies to his PC. Once started, it averages 10 minutes per 30 seconds worth of material just to upload, so basically I’d have to start it, go to bed, then check it in the morning. And that’s not even including putting them on YouTube… :expressionless:

That being said, I have plenty of Aganos clips listed under my XBL profile (“Galactic Geek”) that you’re welcome to look at. :wink:

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This part of analyzing fighters has always been kind of funny to me. Say a Jago mashes DP after blocked windkick, if it hits: “Oh my god this guy’s reads are amazing!” If it gets blocked and punished: “This guy is just mashing DP…”

I had a friend the that perfectly captured and explained this sentiment in a catch phrase. I was at a local arcade (super arcade in walnut, CA), playing cvs2. My friend was sort of a local legend, one of the better players there. He was playing some guy who kept throwing out random supers. My friend, lalo, just muttered under his breath :

“throwing out random supers is for amateurs” -or something to that effect.

When he played the next guy, he was much more advanced and the fight was really close. Lalo, who was using Dan, throws out a random wake up super and just barely wins the game!

I called him out on it, "hey! That was a random super! I thought those were for amateurs!?"
He shrugged and and replied, never averting his eyes from the arcade screen.

“Ill stop doing them when they stop working”

I never forgot that response.

But now I see the psychology behind it. If someone is throwing out risky dp’s all day, its up to the other player to define what the first player of thinking (reads or mashed). If the risky dp is connecting everytime, he’s reading/reacting to the other player not making the read. If it’s not connecting, he mashing.

If only one risky dp comes out and it works (or doesn’t work, either outcome), that had to be a read, just by thinking that mashing something would make it appear more than once, whether or not it connected.

Thank you for posting! It is always great to see good players or players doing their thing. I will surely keep an eye out. I am sure there are better players out there but who cares if you can never see them.

It’s good to see Aganos having some spotlight :smile: