One Chance Breaks and Instinct Tech (Video)

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Spent a few hours in the lab with Kilgore. He can take huge chunks of damage of small touches while he is overcharged.

I noticed when I came to the forums I had been spelling his name with 2 L’s. doh!


honestly. the few kilgores I’ve played against I don’t even block the bullet barrages. I’d rather eat the measly damage than allow him to get offensive shadow meter. after that he’s not very scary.
no doubt the tech heads will prove me wrong. lol


Not really sure what you meant? Either way I’ll explain why this tech is important…

Generally KI characters have one or two good normal’s that cancel into a special which you confirm into combo. Standing Medium punch is his best tool for this because is cancels into specials and does not require Kilgore to be charged.His sweep is 8 frames start up and low profiles traditional fireballs. It is his furthest reaching normal. When charged up this turns this gives him the ability to hit confirm sweeps into full combos.

This tech makes throws a real threat. Throws are not that hard to come by. In overcharge use Light Metal Ball, the move is -4ish but you are left at range too far for most to punish. This sets up the pester game which is great for meter build. Light Metal Ball in, Chain Gun Sweep or jump back Chain Gun out . Once you have an opponent conditioned to blocking after the Light Metal Ball, dash in and get a throw.


that’s my point. I’d rather eat the gun zoning damage without blocking than provide meter blocking his shots.


Ummm… I’m pretty sure he gets more meter when you don’t though. Like, a lot more meter. A LOT.

Also, @HughBoyZilla, most of this has already been in the Kilgore tech thread. You should hop over and join in on the discussion! Some of your juggle extensions w/ j.HP are pretty slick.

Oh, your video professes a goodly chunk of your juggles to be one-chances, but they tend to include a manual AND a DP. The DP’s are breakable, even if only the bullets connect. I think it’s kind of better to avoid them in juggles for the most part, as they’re relatively easy to tell apart - unless you’re trying to set up a counterbreak.


I’m pretty sure that sweep, OTG, manual is all unbreakable (unless I stuffed up somewhere during my testing). The DP is the breakable part before cash out. I know the DP strengths can be easily spotted I was just showing possible combo avenues.


I’m pretty sure that’s a bug - it should be breakable by projectile-manual rules, and it is breakable if the string starts w/ throw instead of sweep. They are once-chances off of sweep, and it gets you to a cashout off of sweep now, and that’s kind of important in the short-term, but long-term I think it’s safer to go for alternate routes from sweep (unless you need to convert that sweep into a win) as opposed to building bad muscle memory, cuz I’m really certain that’s a bug.


I don’t disagree. Remember Sadrias spin loops? Gonna use it till its patched out

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Good stuff bro. Didn’t he could build meter that quickly


Thanks so much for making Rash regret entering the arena with a ridiculously OP move set (Subjective, Opinion).

I can’t see the samage output but I’ve seen some interesting things with his overcharged guns etc.