On the cheap stream setup

I want to start streaming KI again, since people want a fun loving stream to watch. I can’t use OBS I’m looking for a cheap capture card setup and how I would actually set it up. Do I need a laptop? Or what? What capture cards are good? Function with Twitch, Hitbox and StreamMe? Looking for any feedback thanks fam :smiley:

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If you are playing on Xbox, using the system’s Beam or Twitch apps are the way to go.

If you are using PC, you’d be using OBS, Xsplit, or Nvidia Shadowplay and play with the settings until your computer can run KI and stream it without dropping frames.

In both cases, you don’t need a capture card, especially if you are looking for the cheapest way to do it.


For a while, PC based streaming services provided the highest quality in all aspects, and streams that didn’t use them were a joke.

But now it seems the streaming market is booming, and you no longer need 10 different products to have a good stream. Elgato is one brand that is currently doing a great job of bringing high quality streams of CONSOLE games. You may want to try one of these “All in one” services instead of using tons of separate devices and softwares.

The REAL issue is getting a “pretty” looking stream at 60fps, while having enough internet speed to play games without lag. The two areas you CANNOT make sacrifices are internet speed, and computer power. (If you go the PC based route.)

If you have the money, bump your internet speed, and get a crazy good computer. If you don’t have the money, then console- based streaming will actually help you out. I can’t GUARANTEE, but I think using console based services like beam help your performance and connection by optimizing very efficiently. It should help you get at least “moderate” quality reliably.

Console based services are also great because they require minimal effort for a decent result. You don’t have to worry about any A/V stuff, just press “stream” and go.

In summary, you don’t NEED anything other than a built- in app to stream well. (Sonic Fox uses PlayStation to stream). But if you have the money, and want to put in the time, PC based streaming is a “beast” of its own, which requires a lot of testing and playing around, but provides the best quality on the internet.

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Yeah it’s on PC I don’t have an X1 I cannot stand the load times… And unless you get an X1S it won’t stream properly without overheading the console anymore.

@Infilament I tried OBS the settings only allowed Windowed streaming which eats hella bandwidth. I’ll look into Xplit or Shadow play though.

The most recent version of OBS now lets you use “Game capture” with KI (and other Windows 10 apps), which are considerably less GPU intensive than using monitor capture.

So update your OBS and try again!

Will do.

If you meant “bandwidth” in terms of internet bandwidth (ie, you could not stream without tons of dropped frames), then you can just adjust the settings in OBS so you don’t broadcast at such a high resolution and bitrate.

I would recommend you try streaming at something like 1500 or 2000 kb/sec bitrate (Settings -> Output -> Video Bitrate), and then in Settings -> Video, put your Output (Scaled) Resolution to 1280x720 instead of 1920x1080 with 60fps.

If your computer can handle it super easy and your internet doesn’t drop frames, then increase the bitrate to like 2500 or 3000 and see. You probably don’t have to go much higher than that for a pretty good quality stream.

I streamed my analysis stream at 700 bitrate (which is extremely low, and you could see the pixelation) but that’s because my internet was sucking that night. If you go to 1500 or 2000 you should get a pretty watchable stream without massive strain on your PC.

Free and good.

Meant local bandwidth, CPU usage. Xplit is fantastic though, thanks for that. I tried OBS couldn’t get it to play properly but Xplit is flawless. Didn’t have to go through any setup as far as bit rate or anything.

Right on, whatever you can find that works for you.

How much would a decent pc to start youtube editing and steaming cost roughly os system monitors all that

I already got evos benq