On Survival mode, vs a character with with no level of their own

Can we have it so that whatever level is chosen, the challenger’s music plays instead of the default music? Right now it just chooses the default theme. But I think it would be cool to have the character’s individual theme play. Especially since they have no level of their own, I feel like it would give at least a sense of menace for the challenger.

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Press Y at the character select screen and choose the musical theme you want. Problem solved! :wink:

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They should at least do this for Shadow Survival I think since you can’t choose the music in that mode.

Also, in exhibition it would be cool if P2 could select the music since P1 gets to pick the stage OR make it so only P1 picks both. Right now P2 can attempt to select the music, but you rarely get time to because of how fast P1 picks the stage lol

It’s small unimportant stuff that I can live without, but since we are on the subject I thought I would mention it lol

hes talking survival mode in which I don’t think you get the option to have the person you’re fighting theme play, problem not solved and is annoying.

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Not in Survival mode…