On and Off-Topic, Direct Input and the Nintendo Switch!

Hey all, been gone for about 5 months.

Have the developers fixed the issue where Direct Input controllers refused to be detected in Killer Instinct? If not, why not? What was the hold up? I’m in the dark here, so any light shed on the information would be welcome… very busy.

Another thing, not many people have noticed but… the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a DPAD on it’s default controllers. Meaning you have to carry an extra controller or an extra arcade stick around, plus set the device on some kind of surface, if you want to play a 2D based platformer, or fighting game like Street Fighter or Killer Instinct.

This is a terrible oversight, and they need to show some other left JoyCons with DPADS soon or the fighting game community won’t give them a chance.

Killer Instinct started its life on Nintendo, but now that Microsoft has taken it over (thank god, I can’t complain, this NEEDED IP to be revived) I don’t think that this game will ever be on the Nintendo Switch.

Thank GOD that Killer Instinct is on Windows 10, I was dreading having to buy an XBOX just to play!

I hope they add d-input support soon, I don’t see why they couldn’t. I need this support for my Hitbox and I’d rather not use 3rd party software to get it.