This is awesome!


I like the random button is the UT logo but otherwise…eh.

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That’s because it’s an evil button.


Psh…evil…I think we know who the evil ones really are.

Just because another is more evil, doesn’t mean one isn’t. I’m fine with being a Cyber-saur bent on eating every combatant. It’s OK to understand oneself as evil.

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Evil is subjective. I only work for the best.

The best evil corporation.

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Nah, I have faith my boss. She knows what’s best. Speaking of the boss herself, you got those details or no still? I’ve been tinkering around with the assists more as of late…excellent results thus far.

The blatant “bonus” character is usually in the centre - makes me think another shadow characters is filling the slot. As for third I actually really WANT a new guest. That poll gave me hope for season 4 archer character, Djinn etc but meanwhile someone who is completely new but with most assets available conceptually already done means it’s plausible. Joanna Dark would be hype!

I don’t think there is going to be a free ‘bonus’ character, season 3 has ended.

Joanna dark in center and eagle to the right wanna bet ? Lol

Speculation is Eagle is Fulgore… maybe even Kilgore - not expecting him. I’m guessing Shadow Orchid and maybe Joanna Dark as fan demand for her is huge (unless they save for season 4)

Oh no, eagle is real, in the novella he was rescued by glacuis and will surely join the battle. The changes to thunder outfit surely point towards eagle coming in. I dont think shadow orchid will br better than JD,

Im gonna take a guess and say mid is Shadow Orchid (right underneath omen and Shago), last place is Atriox next to the big bads.


Killgore - Shadow Orchid - Eagle
Thats the new 3 from left to right IMO

Middle slot is definitely a Shadow character, so I’m betting on “Shorchid” as well.
Last slot will either be Eagle or that fabled TJ Shark character (is it too late for Skorge?).

Haha if the middle character is a shadow characters I hope they go with someone nobody expected! Cmon shadow tusk! After killing Gargos the only man who could stop him and absorbing his energy who felt unstoppable and the power was too much for the guardian to handle. Spikes started to rise out of his spine, horns tearing from his head. He had become the very thing he promised to stop.

Shadow Shadow Jago

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I think we’re getting Kilgore, Shadow Orchid and Shark Man.

Sweet! Nice!