Omg two days until orchid backstory

Will her story include Jago?
Do you guys feel they will continue to keep the brother sister story vague as possible for personal interpretation?
Will she finally have hair on the back of her head?
Will they explain her connection to the Helicopter?
Will she have a romantic tangle between Thunder and Maya?
Will those goggles be addressed?
How will they address her upcoming?
Will her chosen move of interest be Flik Flak or Ichi Ni San?

Do you guys feel her firecat should change glow color?
Will she get a new sleek outfit and new hairstyles?

What ultimate do you see Orchid having?

I want her ultimate to have the awesome helicopter move from KI2 that lifts the opponent up and away.

I would hope they can explain…

  • How she became an agent and competed in the tournament.
  • How the connection is between Orchid & Jago as brother and sister, and how they got separated as babies.
  • How she is able to master the “firecat”.
  • How she is able to help Jago fight off Gargos’ corruption.

Yea the problem is, they didn’t even mention anything in Jagos story so I feel it’s another poignant point left in the dust

I agree I would like a definition of her firecat how she can turn into and summon a firecat

The vision of two firecAts onscreen at the same time always makes me smile

This is the story I’m least worried about…never liked Orchid
I do like in the Comics when she is the spy all dressed in silver and is pretending to help TJ with his implants all the while she is trying to steal the access key.

There is just something about her that just annoys me…I honestly think she is too powerful and has too many moves compared to the rest of the cast…besides Kan-ra…he is the same in the move dept

I do agree her hair and customization choices are nog done well at all. Goggles? Headwrap? they could have done so much better with her costumes… Id have to say she has the worst accessories…

I hope they fix her up for you guys that do like her!

I hoping they name drop Roxy Rave or at least hint at Orchid having a partner of some kind. (I hated that her intro have her clearly talking someone, yet she supposed to be “solo”)

they will NEVER give Orchid her due. It shows in all of the sneaky corner turning mishaps since 2013. Its sad really.
Hair outfit removal of lasa ken just outright disrespect. three different model changes, omission of classic outfit that us no diffrrent from Cammy.

At least her taunt is still the best

Will she have a romantic tangle between Thunder and Maya?

So now by that very question, are you implying that Orchid MIGHT be a bisexual?

No that she and Maya might have a tangle with Thunder for a dramatic feel


She does look a little tomboyish
What fashion forward straight girl wears leather â– â– â– â– â–  packs

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Not sure

Not sure either, although if they don’t ever mention it what is the point of having this relationship?

Hard to know how this could be addressed in her lore. Going the opposite way, maybe they say she was in a motorcycle accident and had all the hair scraped off the back of her head…

[quote=“BblackorchidD, post:1, topic:2502”]
Will they explain her connection to the Helicopter?
[/quote]It’s just a helicopter.

[quote=“BblackorchidD, post:1, topic:2502”]
Will she have a romantic tangle between Thunder and Maya?
[/quote]Yikes. Hopefully not. This is KI not Twilight…[quote=“BblackorchidD, post:1, topic:2502”]
Will those goggles be addressed?How will they address her upcoming?Will her chosen move of interest be Flik Flak or Ichi Ni San?
[/quote]The goggles don’t need a backstory. I assume you mean “upbringing?” That might be addressed. For her moves I actually don’t know. That will be really interesting - maybe they will do something with her fire tiger (which has always been the coolest thing about the character).

Lol motorcycle accident scraped that bald head lol

Almost 330PST and still no backstory yet, greatly annoyed right now!

Consistent. Somone on twitter said it 's delayed. Says a lot about the effort right

Where the heck is Orchid’s story!? It’s not up!

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They literally found out about her bald head and went back to the drawing board.

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