OMG rash is awesome

Just finsihed my 1st match with rash, and all i can say is wow, while im still learning him he feels like he has so much potential because he just use the entire screen, shago usually causes issues but with rash I felt like it was evenly matched for once, have to see how he fairs against heavy characters like tusk or thunder though to really see what hes made of.


I have the same feeling as you do. I was trying to get better with Arbiter but I was in a lobby with some friends and decided to give Rash a try. Man he is fun!! I’m going to start getting better with him.

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I’ve been playing a bit of Rash, and he is very fun! That character makes me happy, with his flexing, moveset and overall cocky attitude.

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Out of the 4 launch characters he feels like the strongest and the most fun IMO. The only thing that might really hurt him in the long run is that his instinct is kind of weak. Maybe someone will find a good use for it other than fancy recapture combos but for now I hardly every pop it.

I honestly think he is one of the best characters in history… I mean of all FG… the fun factor is through the roof

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Try using it for frame traps and such.

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Yeah I’m lovin Rash! Also I just want to say that it should totally be known that it’s ok to taunt like crazy with him because his taunt is amazing!

I always thought it was orchids firecat with a recapture.

Except Orchid’s firecat doesn’t drag you along with it making things like instinct freeze into something invincible/block annoyingly hard to do. I pop instinct, see my opponent doing something unsafe, hold back to block it, get dragged by the bike and get hit by the unsafe move my opponent was doing.

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He’s kind of a big Rashy deal!!!

I have been messing around with all four new characters, feeling them out…and after a few days of trial it’s becoming clear to me that Rash is my favorite. Awesome character. I thought I’d be more Tusk (and I do like all the new characters a lot, well done KI!) but he’s a bit slow. Think I’ll put time into Rash, he’s a sweet smart innovative pull by the KI!

Rash is fun and he is also the easiest to win with. I hopped into ranked no practice just had a look at his moveset and I went 10-0 and against many prior killers mains. Some of them I made easy work with.

Call it being the fact it is a new character or that I know how to play enough fundamentally to win but in all honesty I just think Rash is easy to win with especially if you play cheap because he can zone in a way and he cannot be zoned by other characters lol.

Just my $.02 he is super fun though

I’ve been playing with Rash, and I have to say:

This character names me so happy. A character from my childhood, in my favorite Fighting Game!

Rash IMO is one of the few characters with the coolest Juggles. Once you cash out that epic Juggle just right… OMG. The Flex and Loopable Thrusts begin! XD

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When are we going to play slim?

Lol. Whenever you want dude! Let me know.

Rash is great, quickly replaced my Sabrewulf… its a shame… they killed that character… But… this is about rash, and rash has gotten me from Bronze to killer rather quickly and easily deals with my old bad matchups.

Plus…the taunt…