OMG eagle! taunt YES update +CONFIRMATION! 17 jun 17 CEO

hi guyz
I WAs not at all interrested by eagle anything move of whatever but…
that TAUNt made my days OMG beautifull. cause i was searching someone with something particular to joint my dream team alongs aria and … i think he could be perfect.

kwik kwik :baby_chick: bird is dead ahhahahha

update 17 jun 2017
Yall always listen to me guys i got the eyes for some littl details lol

look at 1:16 until 1:18 he did it again :sunglasses:

look at closely at 1:12 till 1.14 what happens and how he react to that move , i like it so much thank you ig @developers to put more provocations like that in the game. i wil buy him only for disturb peoples with that move ahhahahahaah

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I quite like Eagle’s taunt myself here now :wink: :slight_smile:

Meh… Nothing beats a good chest pound

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While chest pounds are cool…I die a little inside every time Gargos calls me “pathetic”. :zipper_mouth:


So what does Eagles taunt actually say/mean in Native american?

me too lomfao

What even is his taunt? What does he do?

All I see is his hand come up slightly, followed by some unintelligible noise.


That noise and gesture is that? I almost feel like its supposed to be vulgar. lol

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im pretty sure its that. lol its so insulting before all when done on poordira s3 ahahahahaha :joy::joy: its just like ""i got you ****!!! stay down :baby_chick: kwi kwick! ahhahah i like it guyz

Usually I just cut his taunt off after the laugh.

you sure that’s a taunt and not an idol animation?

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Most Gargos users do…and thats cool, cause it hurts my soul lesser, then.

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That’s what I use to do all the time when I played him, unless they deserved it.

yeah i got the eye of the tiger bro, nothing can escape my eyes lol lol , just have the cndirmation at the CEO
look at the 1:16 till 1:18 he did it again :grin: :grin::joy:

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Looks like he’s doing a classic English archer’s taunt. Enemy archers who’d been captured would have their plucking fingers removed so they could no longer fight. He’s showing he still has the fingers that he’d use to draw his bow. (Fun fact: This taunt would eventually evolve into the middle finger gesture over the centuries)

There’s probably a cultural significance for the Nez Perce as well, but it looks like he’s saying something along the lines of “As long as I have these 2 fingers, your is grass”