Omen's story in season 3

After Omen became free from Jago, the herald needs more story in season 3.

Like will he have a free will after Gargos is destroyed?

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I think that Omen will probably have a smaller role in season 3, but I want to believe that he’d be in there.

It’d be really baller if you played Omen fighting his way through to Aria from season two getting Gargos plot along the way, and the conclusion to his story is the intro of season three. Maybe we get a season 3 intro cutscene that includes Gargos kicking his butt around a little bit because he’s so evil.

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I would actually like that a ton. I get that he takes over Jago but I want to be able to play that battle. It would be fun to play Omen against a stat boosted Jago.

As Omen was originally just power possessing Jago, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gargos would want his power back after arriving on Earth. This would really test Omen’s loyalty.