Omen's Manuals (or lack there of) for Season 3

So, we know that in Season 3, Omens manuals will be changed up a little bit. Furious flurry will have slightly different manual timing, Rashakukens will be easier to manual off of, and the opener version of demon slide will more closely match the linker versions in terms of how positive on hit they are.

But what concerns me is just how difficult it is to get a manual off of the slide linker already. I could do a heavy manual after a heavy slide linker, but not with consistency and for the most part all of Omens manuals from a linker seem very difficult. I don’t know if this is expected to change, but I’m simply stating what is in the game currently and what is confirmed to be coming.

I do not have any problems with Omens manuals from Heavy linker. the trick is to “plink” the buttons…so once the heavy linker as finished and its time to do your manual, quickly tap in succession the manual button and the follow up button and special direction. As long as you have the initial manual timing correct, works every time.

Are you using heavy punch manual? I prefer light crouching punch manual, its to fast to react to and works the best, crouching MK works great too, I only use HVY P manual after shadow flurry and alternate between MP and LP after each stock of shadow flurry.

IMO Omen has some of the easiest manuals in the game.

[quote=“FallofSeraphs76, post:2, topic:5194”]
Are you using heavy punch manual?
[/quote] Yes, I am attempting a heavy manual from a heavy linker (which should be possible)

[quote=“FallofSeraphs76, post:2, topic:5194”]
the trick is to “plink” the buttons
[/quote] I do not own a fightstick, I am a pad player

Yes it is possible, but you may be waiting to late for the follow up button since the HVY manual is longer in duration therefor waiting too long to hit your next move.

Ahhh… no FS may be your issue… but…if your right trigger is your HVY manual, you should be able to still plink from HVY P to light/medium linker with 2 fingers ( RT > A or RB > B)

Try that and let me know if it helps.

Omen’s manuals are very similar to Jago’s, who has the easiest manuals in the game IMO. But yeah, I plink that one. LOL Very hard to hit it without it.

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Isn’t plinking pretty much cheating?

what??? NO!!! Plinking is where you plink the buttons quickly in sucsession so there is no gap between button presses so you catch the 1 frame link!

So with 2 fingers tap the LP with your pointer finger and the MP with your middle finger… now do that quickly like a quick step. buh’dap

So when you tapping the 1st button (the manual) you are already doing the motion with the stick for your linker or ender and immediately with your middle finger your tapping the next buttonand that allows you to quickly pull off the 1 frame link without dropping after the manual.

Does that make sense?

Like when your board at your desk and your tapping your fingers or rolling your finger tips on the desk making drum patterns? thats what i call plinking

This is the reason why I think combo breaker training is unnecessary and manuals training mode has chance of being much more useful.

OK, so I tried using plinking to connect a heavy kick after a heavy linker with Omen. The results where more consistent manuals, but not by much. Even with plinking the trigger I still found it pretty hard. Thanks for the advice though.

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There is no plinking in KI.

Plinking (Priority Linking) would mean you abuse a priority system in terms of button presses.

Basically you input hp followed by light or medium attack quickly within the same ms to trick the game doing two inputs in the same frame - this does not exist in KI.

You can try to double tap combined with the release check and negative edge (as described by FallofSeraphs) or just get the timing down.

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Alright, then I am using the wrong terminology. I guess the word is pianoing. I am trying to describe pressing the same button quickly by rolling 2 fingers over it.

I used the term plinking…but piano fingers is a better prescription. He understands what I meant and it worked for him. But thanks for the correcion. There is no negative edge or release check that Im aware of.

Pianoing is a good term…but we know what we mean …glad it worked for you. now just keep practicing it and it will all work out for you. good luck

You do the motion while the button is pressed when you relese the button the move comes out.

Maybe i misunderstood it.

If you just mean a special cancel of a normal/manual than it was extremely weird written and that does not help by getting the manual timing down.

I think what he meant is that he does not get the timing after the slide not the Special cancel of the manual itself into the next linker.

Basically you try to double tap the same button with 2 fingers. Why not use one finger?

I know what release check is, KI doesnt have it or an option to turn it on or off like MK X

Me and the @Crainiak24 know what we are trying to explain… we got this. I dont need help with manuals, I got them down pat

He understands what Ive told him and it worked…now he just needs to work on his muscle memory

I have no idea what your talking about here…its just making it more confusing. we are good.

This part is extremely confusing for beginners and after reading it again you just describe how to cancel a normal/manual into a special move. A manual cancelled into a linker is the same as cancel a normal into special.

You do them by pressing the button for the normal or manual and while pressing the button input the motion of the special move than press the button of the special move or linker.

This does not help getting the timing for the manuals down.

Ok then, explain it for everyone that needs it. I dont need the help…im good. You explain it and lets see how you word it out. good luck.

The piano is manual 1st, ender or next linker 2nd. Your trying to do it from the linker to the manual.
The manual isnt the hard part, its linking the next move…that’s were the quick piano tech comes in.

Manuals are hard for people becasue they are dropping the combo after the manual hits… to not drop the combo , piano your next button quickly after the manual hits.

There stands everything thats needed.

Since nearly every timing after every linker is different there will be no ultimate way to describe it. You need visual or audio queue for the difficulter ones with a weird timing (not everyone needs this but for some it helps a lot).

Take Riptors headram linker or cinders trailblazer linker as example.

The timing is totally weird.

First find a visual or audio indication which helps you finding the manual input time frame.

Riptor as example shortly after she begins shaking her head the window for the manual starts.

From there try to hit it with tapping the same button twice (with two finger or one does not matter).
if you have it down, grind your muscle memory and maybe try to remove the double taps.

If the manual hits than go into cancelling the manual into the linker - do piano or whatever helps.

Thats one way to approach the weird manuals.

But this thread is about Omens manuals only. I get that other characters have different timings.but he is asking about OMEN. I have shown him my tech and i can land any and every manual I can think of with Omen…so while I agree with you on the rest. This OP is about Omen and thats what he needs help with.