Omen ultimate ideas

Now without a doubt Omen is my favorite new character with him being the herald of Gargos and what not but that’s why where not here.We are going to talk about his ultimate if he gets one.I was thinking of him bringing out his wings and turning them into weapons and swipe the opponent a couple of times then he drains there shadow or soul .I also thought of a another one he could summon the tiger spirit to eat his opponent but that’s just a idea.What are your guys ideas?


He could fly inside of them (Shadow Jago possession style) and do Omen’s taunt and victory pose in their body.

Or start calling orda shield, once, twice, thrice, again, and again, until it’s just one giant orda filling the screen and consuming Omen and his opponent, electrocuting them blanka style, combo counter going 6 digits… zap zap zap zap zap boom.