Omen Theme Tweak Possible?

Hi, I’m not sure if I should post this in the suggestions page or the official character page so I’m sorry if I’m out of line here but… Is it possible to change around Omen’s theme a bit in game? LIKE-

What I mean by that is: make the 16 hit combo the Gargos’ segment. That part is totally kick ■■■ but I NEVER hear it at all. Why leave such a good part of the song out of the actual game? :frowning: I mean, the whole track is neat and all but his current 16 hit combo theme sounds too cheerful for a dark character like Omen or Shadow Jago.

Does anyone see this happening or will it go totally ignored? :frowning:
Would love for IG to see this!
Thanks for reading!

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What do you mean by 16 hit combo?

And yes it would be great if different parts of the song were included in the play through. they changed Arias at one time so it is possible.

Everytime a player gets a 16 hit combo the music changes to hype up the game. Omen’s 16 hit combo theme is Jago’s but faster. It would be way better if they replaced it with the Gargos music instead. :slight_smile:
And yeah, if they changed Aria’s at one point then that gives me hope.


I did not know it changed if you did a 16+ hit combo…cool! The Aria change was just the beginning of the song started in a new spot.

I cant recall exactly what the change was but I think it became more up tempo than the original setting.

He means the GODLIKE Combo Section. Like TJs, when you do a high Combo, changes to the “Back to Rise” Chorus part.

Never noticed this

I’d like to see this, but I can’t remember when the Gargos segment is meant to play - there is a specific criteria though if I remember correctly.