Omen Specific Quest Makes You Fight Boss Gargos

As the title says:

If you’re using Omen and get a character quest called “The Shadow Puppeteer” or something along those lines, probably don’t take it.

You basically fight Boss Gargos without all of his buffs…but still some crazy stuff, like his constant random laughter, his ability to do crazy juggles, and yes: even his resurrection.

I dunno if that’s intentional to give you a preview of your fight ahead, or if it’s a mistake, but I feel like it’s important to mention.

It’s intentional. And it’s really cool! I really enjoyed that mission


It’s nice, and I DID nearly win (resurrection’s a pain to stop right), just didn’t expect it.

Isn’t it magic when the game trolls you this way? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let’s just say I didn’t have any troubles on that mission considering that fight only has a popwer level 3 Gargos with no secondary buffs, and for me the final boss version went like…

Keeping his mere sealed is great, he can’t bring out his minions!

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True indeed. Also Eyedol in Shadow Lords cannot be stuned by Gargos’ minions (be careful with Eyedol’s health by the way, and yes… yesterday I did all of the Eyedo’s resurrection quests to unlock him and got his personal ending cutscene in Shadow Lords, I might upload the quest chain in one video merged… if I have time), any strategy that works against Gargos must be used to win.

Omen has a new quest ■■■■ yeah I didn’t know that.

It’s not new. It was in the Beta, too.

Oh I thought it was new since the only quest I’ve ever gotten with him is fight the two omens and my highest amount of turns with him was 47.