Omen: Should he become a full character?

Although Omen was a bonus character, and since Shago who was previously a free skin is becoming a full character, should Omen get similar treatment like a re-design, his promised mask-less option, etc. What are your thoughts guys?


Of Course! Killer Instinct always have unique characters and Omen need to be complete too!
(Even with Omen being a Bonus Character He still pretty unique: “A Evil Energy that create a body using Shago”)

It would be nice, but not necessary. He’s playable. Cosmetic add-ons would be nice for any character but I think giving Omen the full treatment is going to be low on the development priority list.

But I repeat, it would be nice.

He already is.

Of course, accessoires or a polishing would be cool but that’s not necessary, for me (and Archonate it seems) at least.

The only thing I want is a story mode (a story where you can play as Omen and Shadow Jago could be an option, Omen beat Jago, then you play Shago or something like that)

I’ve actually come to like Omen’s moveset at this point. I was one of the people who thought he looked ridiculous when they first revealed him. I’d definitely like to see his animations touched up a little bit, but right now I think gameplay-wise he’s a really interesting, if under-used, character that fills a unique role in the roster.

He fills a unique role, and I love his gameplay, what I don’t like it’s his animations, they are the same as Jago and Sabrewulf, and it will be cooler if IG changes his normals to give him more uniqueness.

It would be great if her body had a less definite form and his blows “emerge” from him to hit the rival. Same frame data, hurtbox and hitbox in his moves, but totally different appear.

Something more akin to Arakune, from Blazblue

Arakune 1
Arakune 2

If possible they should really rework him and give the full character treatment.

Only in appearance, gameplay wise he’s great