Omen pressure and frame advantage tech

Omen players and friends… Ive created this topic in order to help one another find out what normals and specials does Omen have that can help beat out other characters when up close and under pressure.

for instance…Jago and Sadira can basically beat out anyone with there frame trap/block strings that are known to everyone.

But what are Omens frame traps and block strings? How can Omen beat Jagos pressure? Or can he not beat it at all?

I find that all of his crouching kicks basically loose out to most moves. But his crouching LP is a decent and his standing MP is good too… but not the best range.

For a character with no standing overhead… what advantages do we have up close?

Please share!

I find that my best frame advantage block string is forward HP into Demonic despair or into heavy Rashakuken/ repeat if blocked and throw in a crouching MK into combo
Or if Heavy Rashakuken lands… MP manual into shadow linker, HP manual into repeat or ender

What Im really looking for though is that move that just beats out almost everything…does it exist?

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What’s a block string?

Where you do pressure combos and your opponent is blocking the hits but you still have the advantage on block… basically they can not hit you out of there block because you are positive on frame.

Like Omens forward HP into fireballs or Jagos forward HK into crouch or over head

is block string not the right terminology?

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Now This I may actually have some advice on.

First of all, crouching LP has some of the best range of any crouching LP in the cast & is chain-able, so I use it often. Standing MK has good active frames and is +2 or +3 on block, so it works well as a meaty.
For standard pressure, I use Rashokuken often. Depending on which fireballs you get, Omen can be very advantageous in a pressure situation. I also switch between all 3 strengths of fireball to keep people guessing. When I get out of range, I often use forward HP to get back in, but always look out for shadow counters. Another great setup is canceling forward HP into form of shadow while you perform normal pressure.
A good setup for Omen begins with the orda shield juggle ender. I like to end the juggle with light orda sheild canceled into shadow Rashokuken. Then I jump and do an air back dash: from here you can either use aerial HP or don’t attack and use an empty jump low or even a grab.
as for Demonic Despair setups, i like to use an aerial attack to get in, use crouching MK (which has very little push back) then cancel into DD. It works almost every time :wink:
for escaping pressure, we all know about light orda shield and form of shadow. however, both can be punished hard. If I have a bar to spare, I like to use light orda shield and cancel it into shadow orda shield.
Hope this is helpful, just let me know if you have any other questions about Omen.

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Nice! Ill try these out!
So how to we know what his normals are on advantage and block?

Its not in the move list

Enter practice mode (as Omen), go to practice options, then turn on attack data. This will bring up a new tile of information on screen during the neutral. In the part that says “frame data” there should be three numbers that all read either nothing or 0. These will become other numbers the next time you connect a normal:

Active frames/Hit advantage/Block advantage

That’s at least how I figured it out. You can also turn on hit boxes if you want to discover new footsie tools and pokes of your own.

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Here. Omen pressure and setups.