Omen Mask Project (W.I.P)

Hey guys, so over the summer I’ve been making my very own handmade Omen Mask out of paper mache. Of course its not perfect but it’s something new for me. So far its not finished, I just need to clean up a few thing on the mask. Then after that I have to paint and put on wire mesh with LED lights for the mouth and eyes. Here is the stuff I have done overtime with the project.

My First Attempt to make the mask out of Air-dry Clay

Time lapse of Second molding with Plastelina Clay (Oil Based Clay

Smoothing/Prep for Mache Process by Putting on Petroleum Jelly.

Mache Process

Mache Extraction/ Clay removal and touch up (Current Process)

Hope you all like my W.I.P so far. Stay Killer!


Very amazing!!!

WOW!!! Excellent job!!!

Duuuuuuuude, can I get a Cinder head after this?


And Aganos’s face!

Funny you mentioned that, I was planning on doing that first to “attempt” to cosplay Aganos for a Con in March next year… then I realized the amount of work… F*ck that idea, but the mask however I can see what I can do.

AW! I always imagine what look like Aganos cosplay in real life.

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Same, but it would just suck up too much tiiiiime, the time I did not have… :frowning:

It’s okay. I know that would be very hard work.

You’ll make Omen cosplay?

Indeed I am making an Omen cosplay, With LEDs and “suit” with EL wiring for the flow of electricity.


You’ll make Omen cosplay!?!?!


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Forget the mask - that’s the easy part! I want to see how you’re going to do the rest of him! LEDs perhaps? What about the wings? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Super awesome!! Thanks alot for sharing this project! Can’t wait to see the finished deal :smile:

@rukizzel hey, my like button only allows me to give one like and not ten!

That looks amazing, I can’t wait to see the full costume.
Very very impressive.

Your new Omen mask is coming along REALLY well I wanna say :smile:

Wing: I’m planning on making retractable wings and the rest is EL wiring like a light suit.


Also thank you all for the feedback, this is my first time doing anything like this before in all spectrums of art.

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This looks sick and awesome! SUPREME VICTORY!

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