OMEN Manual Tech / Tips / Guide, Where the heck is it?

I have searched all over Youtube and google and the forum and I can not find any tech on how to do any of Omens Manual combo strings. I may have done some accidentally…but I want to know exactly how to pull it off like i see all of these Jagos Manual the crap out of me online… Just about all Killers i face online are using these manual strings too annihilate me and I want to return the favor ala Omen manuals!!!

Someone please help :smile: Direct me to a tutorial or create a tutorial. This is why i feel we need the Full Roster DOJO now that the Roster is complete! Everyone knows Jago’s manuals but all the other characters are a guess and learn. I don’t really understand the concept/ pattern behind the manual strings so i cant figure it out.
Thanks in advance!

There really isn’t anything to make a tutorial about, you just press the right buttons at the right time. Obviously there are limitations, manuals after linkers follow the season 2 manual rules and manuals after openers depend on the frame advantage of your opener. Just go into training mode and figure them out.

Well were do i find the season 2 manual rules?

You can only follow a linker with a manual of the same strength or lower. So you can follow a heavy linker with any strength manual, but a light linker with only light manuals. If you need more help with manuals you can always check out infil’s manual page on his guide here
Or I’m sure other skilled players wouldn’t mind helping out too.

(Not really sure how to link things here so hopefully that works)

I didn’t know that? I guess thunders grab is an exception and doesn’t count as a light linker right?

Yes, I’m fairly certain that’s correct. I’m pretty sure you can follow that back throw with any strength manual.

EDIT: yea, got some confirmation off infil’s guide in the Thunder section

“all manuals are possible after back throw”

Ok Infils guide…yeah i use that a little bit… i didnt know he had a manuals guide section. there is so much stuff in Infils guide its hard to take it all in.


Yea lots of information to retain lol sorry that I can’t specifically help you with Omen stuff, I’m not too great a player, but hopefully this info helps out a bit.

Thanks man, best help I have received so far! Working on it now!

I can get his med kick manual to work after shadow linker…but the others are pretty difficult to figure out what will work and what will not. …its also hard to decide “what comes next/ works best” after the manual to keep the combo going.

Ok here is what i come up with so far

Heavy Rashakuken OPENER > Med P Manual > Med or Heavy Flurry Kick Linker > Heavy AD > Shadow Flurry Linker> Med Kick Manual > Heavy Flurry Kick ENDER

25 hits = 59% Damage (The damage varies…I just did the same combo but i think with Heavy linker and got 69% damage)

Med Slide OPENER > Light Crouching kick MANUAL > Med Flurry LINKER > Heavy AD> Shadow Flurry LINKER > Med Kick MANUAL> Heavy Orda ENDER > Shadow Flurry Juggle
(Damage varies for some reason between 38-48%)

I made this back in Feb. I have way better set ups and multi manuals with him too now but this is very basic.

and here are my Ultras I came up with too

Thanks! Oh you know i already know your ultras! I been doing the Taunt / Orda ender special since i seen you do it 1st week of his release! people get salty when i do that do them! lol My shadow does it!!
Im getting these manuals down pretty good now to where its just natural…thats a good thing!

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