Omen Hidden Tech?

I know that there is at least one other thread, but I want to have a more generalized thread discussing Omen tech that people are willing to share! I will occasionally drop off some tech in here as well once I start uploading things.


Here is a full screen reset with omen.


Here is how you can deal with wake up shadow wind kicks.


Awesome tech! thanks for sharing!

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Omen is dead:( I will bring Omen back to life. His demonic despair is really good. I can land it fairly well. The problem is cashing out the damage. How do I land it? Combos. Do a combo. Stop the combo midway and do the demon. You will hit players a fairly descent amount of time. If the do catch on,try again but don’t do the demon. Do something else that juggles like forward Hp. I learned command grab resets and how people don’t jump from a certain Hisako Player(I wonder who it is St__m1__). Do a lot of command grab resets. They work.

Forward + HP and canceling into the Demonic Despair is really good.

But yeah. Do throw resets all day in the corner!

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Demonic Despair reset works really well. Unless they are new of course. Grab resets do not work on newer players since they mash buttons and jump all day.

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Omen is never kill

Omen will never die, Season 3 will bring him back stronger than ever & invincible demonic despair will be so wonderful.

can you guys give a little more detail about what a command grab reset is and how to do it?. Also can you explain exactly how you cancel forward hard punch into demonic despair? Will it just automatically cancel if you do the move before forward HP is done?

Omen doesn’t have a command grab. They mean, regular grab, Instinct, shadow slide into combo. Or just stop your normal combo mid ways… grab…throw into corner…start a new combo and get big damage due to the potential damage left form the initial combo you intentionally dropped plus the damage from the throw combo. Big damage.

Do forward HP and immediately do the Demonic despair move. Like while he is still swiping forward. basically the DD happens during the 2nd hit of the FWD HP.

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thanks! good stuff. I already consider myself pretty good with omen, but these moves will really help even more. I really never try demonic despair. I usually use my shadow meter too much. Landing that move would sure be fun though.

with that combo-cancel throw into the corner- combo deal, isn’t it pretty easy for the opponent to block in the corner and hold off or reverse the second combo?

I recommend trying the DD set up at the beginning of your opponents 2nd life bar if you happen to have full shadow stock. I would practice this set up on shadows before trying in a real match.
Good luck

BTW now that I think about it I guess DD could be considered a command grab… but I personally do not. Its more of its own move category. SO “the command grab reset” would be to drop your combo and then do DD.

regarding the throw into corner reset…If they block it doesnt matter becasue throws beat out blocks…that’s what you want them to do is block when your drop the combo. Its a risky move so I wouldn’t count on doing it often. Once you throw them in the corner you can link into a combo off of a manual. this is were you want to get big damage with Omen and honestly if you arent already doing this…then you are missing out on the best part of Omen. You should want to be in the corner with him, and throw your opponent and start your instant level 4 combo for easy 38 to 68% damage.

No, I understand that if the opponent is blocking that he will be easy to throw into the corner. what I’m questioning is once I throw him in the corner wouldn’t it be easy and natural for him to block while I’m trying to start a new combo? or will he be stunned too long to block?

Stunned from the throw, no time to block.

Here is the easy set up.

Throw into corner- standing MP immediately into Med Flurry kick opener - then continue the combo.
You can actually go from MP to Orda ender and its easy big damage, but I like to continue the combo and throw some shadow linkers in for 60% damage

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