Omen got a visual color enhancement?

Looks to me that the Gargos patch 3.1.5 has given OMEN a color/visual enhancement!
His #2 Yellow is much stronger and rich. His Reds #3 and #5 are also much darker.

Looks as if there is much more of a flowing wave going through his body.

Its not much but its a start!

I was about to post this. He’s definitely way brighter now. His default blue is much much brighter.

Can you post a pic on here? That will make us even LOL…I made the thread and you deliver the content?

(Boots up Ki just to see this for myself…)

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@developers Thanks for this, but i have to bring up this one point:
Why are there almost always UNLISTED changes in updates? Are they all accidents? Are they just hidden? Is it a mix of both?

If you guys put in a small, intentional, and good change, could you at least make a note in the patch notes that says something like “+ Some extra goodness” or something like that?


It’s because they don’t matter from a balance perspective. Or rather, they don’t affect how the game is played.

I knew it! :grinning:

It looks to me that the Customization character select screen icons also look more…HD or enhanced. Maybe its my eyes but its looks better IMO

@TotalJimkata @TempusChaoti @rukizzel

Hey guys, care to comment on the new Omen color scheme?

Why is color #2 no longer Yellow/Blue? Its now basically the same as #3, a Orange/blue. You can see a hint of yellow, but its no longer the bright yellow Omen as before. And thats ok…I never used that color but it is too similar to color 3.

What would be super awesome is a Back/Purple color like on Thunders stage when Omen changes colors in the rain Mid match!!! PLEASE???

Thanks for the color enhancement though… a lil is better than nothing!

I grab some pics. Please hold.

In motion it’s better, but definitely a big change.




Omen needs to have his wings out at all times. Gargos can, why can’t he?

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I was going to ask this question too. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me

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