Omen damage ender ideas?

Okay I think we all know that omen hits like a new born kitty cat but I think he needs a new ender…ideas?

What if Omen could use his command grab in a combo for a damage ender? Instead of potential damage it does a certain amount depending on the KV meter level.

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I just think he needs a shadow ender of some sort.

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IMO Omen doesn’t need a shadow ender. His gameplay is very mix ups oriented, using shadow meter for this.

Giving him a shadow ender maybe could dis-balance his core design, that is, always gain shadow meter in all enders, with the objective of setting mix ups or gain space


I’ve thinking. Maybe he doesn’t need deal more damage in the ender. Maybe he needs build faster kv meter.

Example: If you grab somebody in the corner, you can combo from there and you have a 3 kv meter combo in two hits, leading to a 25-30% easily, and you are in the corner, so maybe you can do another mix up, then another, and bam, end of the round. Maybe if some of his moves deal a bit of potential damage, then if he starts a combo, he can reach faster the lvl 4 ender.

I was thinking in rashakuken/orda shield dealing a bit more of potential damage. What do you think?


Omen actually does quite a bit of damage, honestly. Adding a shadow linker or doing his demonic loop can lead to very damaging LVL 4 enders very fast.

To anyone here thinking Omen is underpowered, play a set with his CPU on Kyle.

He’s not underpowered, he’s UNDERUTILIZED.


KYLE OMEN = completely wrecked!

I main Omen and i have a few BNB combos that all deal 40-50%. Not to mention the corner combo DayVo mentioned above.

At least they changed his Kick ender to be more damaging than the Orda ender. The rick with Omen is YOU HAVE TO USE A SHADOW LINKER after the 1st lock out…that’s a must… then a manual out of that shadow linker…its really not that hard if you spend a few days on it.

Now if Demonic grab could be done a bit easier… he would be balanced I think :smile:

I suggested earlier that Omen , when using Shadow Orda and Shadow Rashakuken…he shouldn’t loose the orbs when being lightly poked… the orbs should only disappear if he is had a Hard Knockdown IMO

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It’d be cool to see Shadow Orda become a combo ender if you’re in a combo already, have it do the same ender damage as a shadow Tiger Fury.


Completely agree with you there.